GPS POI free download sites

GPS POI free download sites

Here are some of the best sites for free downloading of GPS POI for Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Navman

Free POIs Gps for Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Navman

GPS POI free download sites – Get the latest POI updates ( Camping, Motorhome campsites, Aires, stop overs, Shopping, Restaurants, Accommodation, Petrol, Tourist locations, Transportation, WiFi ) for your GPS – Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Navman and other popular GPS brands

POIs Gps

GPS POI free download sites

GPS POI free download sites
GPS POI files. Download POI zone for Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Navman, Destinator and many other popular GPS brands. Free world POI database and POI,
All downloads here should work and are free to download.
This POI data set contains almost 130,000 freely available points of interest from some of the best motorhome resources across the internet; all highly relevant to the European motorhome traveller

Archie’s Camping
EUROPE’S LARGEST and most accurate website for downloading POI’S of campsites. You are free to download and use these poi’s without charge, under the condition that you don’t publish these files yourself at any place.
Your TomTom device comes with thousands of POI’s (Points of Interest) to enrich your navigation experience. They make your trips more easy and interesting. Looking for a hotel or restaurant close to your destination or perhaps on route? Your TomTom tells you exactly which options you have and takes you straight there.
You can download additional POIs using TomTom HOME desktop software. TomTom has selected the most interesting, most convenient and relevant POI sets for you by teaming up with the best content suppliers around.
Get free downloads for your Garmin sat-nav including useful points of interest to help you on your journey. Links to several free and subscription-based services on the Internet that provide these custom POIs. Garmin’s POI loader converts GPX and CSV files
All 13,000 US and Canada car-accessible public campgrounds, with accurate lat/lon for your GPS or smart phone, campground amenities, phone numbers and web links for both the campground itself and it’s reservation system. Includes all National Park, National Forest, State Park and Provincial campgrounds, all BLM, TVA and Army engineers and military-only campgrounds. Most regional, county, city and utility-owned are also included.
POIplaza is one of the world’s largest GPS databases, from where you can download free of charge POIs selected by countries and categories – for PNA, PDA or mobile phone based navigation applications.
The POIplaza database contains 5,629,678 POIs from 218 countries in 3,388 categories, 21 formats. POIplaza has 93,040 registered users.

POI Factory
Since 2006, this is where GPS users get together to share locations and discussions with other GPS users.
With POIbase, you will be warned immediately of typical hazards and accident black spots such … With POIbase you have access to Europe’s largest free POI database. POIbase is a free complementary software/app for PCs, sat-navs and smartphones. Following the simple installation, you can transfer POIs (Points of Interest) to all compatible devices.

With POIbase you have access to Europe’s largest free POI database, which you can arrange according to your own needs – ranging from danger spots, such as speed camera locations, environmental zones, bridge heights, aquaplaning, information from leisure locations to cash machines, current fuel prices, post boxes, post offices, 24-hour pharmacies, and much more.
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