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There are about 200 toll stations in Norway. All of which are automated*, and marked with “AutoPASS” and the symbol to the right.

Vehicles registered driving in Norway through automated road toll stations are subsequently invoiced. The invoice is sent by post (or e-mail if the owner has pre-registered via EPCs website). Vehicles with a tag** are entitled to discounted toll fees and will receive an invoice from their tag issuer.  Motorhomes under 3,5 tons pay the same as cars. Over 3,5 tons the same as trucks. It is adviced to avoid the toll roads when possible as it can get very expensive. see map at bottum of page.

Prepaying tolls with your credit card has been discontinued in Norway

All drivers, regardless of nationality, have to pay Norwegian road tolls. The automated toll stations are all equipped with a camera that reads the vehicle number plates and toll tags. Foreign registered vehicles, without a toll tag, will be invoiced by Euro Parking Collection plc (EPC).

Register for an EPC account

If you are planning to visit Norway with your foreign car, you may register your vehicle with EPCbefore your journey. It is optional to register, however, registering for an EPC account will normally reduce the time from your journey to you receiving your invoice. Furthermore, your account will give you access to your invoices, checking due dates, viewing images, registering for e-mail delivery and making payment.

EPC will only invoice foreign vehicles. Norwegian-registered vehicles will be invoiced by the toll road operators.

If you are planning to visit Norway with your foreign vehicle for more than two months or on a regular basis, we recommend that you get a AutoPASS contract and a tag.

Automatic toll stations

Most toll stations in Norway are automatic. Here you can simply pass through without stopping. A photo is taken of your vehicle’s registration number, and the correct amount is automatically debited from your account. If you have not registered your credit card online, you can stop and pay at a nearby petrol station – follow the sign marked “KR-service”.

If you do not stop and pay within three working days you will receive an invoice by post with no extra charge. Vehicles not registered in Norway are invoiced through Euro Parking Collection plc (EPC) in London.

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Other toll stations

Other toll stations have AutoPASS-lanes and lanes for manual payment. Please be aware that you risk a fine if you drive through in the AutoPASS-lanes without an AutoPASS contract or without registering your credit card online.

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