Carthago c-compactline 2016

The lightest premium motorhome: Carthago c-compactline 2016

Carthago c-compactline 2016: the only slender integrated motorhome with all features of the premium class. Full equipment already as standard. Compact on the outside, surprisingly spacious on the inside

Carthago c-compactline 2016

Carthago c-compactline 2016

Long-lived and highly stable main cabin with technology from the premium class, double floor, AL-KO low frame and a slender waist with a main cabin width of only 2.12 m – this combination is only available with the Carthago c-compactline. Its weight balance is convincing – it is the lightest premium motorhome. It will be going into model year 2016 with almost no changes.

The lightest premium motorhome

The Carthago c-compactline is derived from the c-tourer. It combines its well known highly stable long-life main cabin with double floor,

AL-KO low frame and a slender main cabin. The result is an integrated motorhome that is easy to handle and can be driven actively. Moreover, it is the lightest integrated from Carthago and therefore, the lightest premium integrated at all. With standard equipment, the model I 138 has a weight of only 2,830 kg when ready to drive.

Full equipment already as standard

This standard equipment also has a premium character: drivers door, fold-down bed, multi-function blind, strong Truma Combi 6 heater, large 160 litre fridge at hand level, hinges and fittings in household quality, spacious scooter garage and there is a lot more included ex-factory. The integrated has an appropriate engine capacity of 96 kW (130 HP). All persons travelling are well safeguarded thanks to the safety package with airbags for driver and passenger as well as ESP. Suspended bus rear-view mirrors are new for the c-compactline.

Compact on the outside, surprisingly spacious on the inside

For Carthago, compact does not mean small: The true-to-scale, intelligent downsizing of the furniture does not allow confinement to occur in the first place. Moreover, every c-compactline is characterised by the practical and spacious combined bathroom with round shower that can be divided off. The rear beds have a minimum length of 198 cm. The I 143 with single beds deserves particular attention with regard to this: now both beds have a width of 80 cm as with all Carthago motorhomes, the largest bed has a full length of 2 metres.

Carthago c-compactline: the range of models 2016

The range of models 2016 comprises three models, I 138 with transverse double bed in the rear, I 143 with single beds as well as I 145 with queen-size bed and range from a length of 6.40 to 7.18 m.