Carthago highliner 2016

Carthago highliner 2016

Carthago highliner 2016: true motorhome greatness – top class instead of great mass. Carthago redefines the Liner class in a modern way. Spacious lounge seating group, new style world

Carthago highliner 2016

Carthago highliner 2016

Carthago redefines its Liner class in a modern way: now the Carthago highliner forms the top of the range model series for Europe’s number one under the premium integrated motorhomes.

It rounds up the completely renewed model series Carthago chic e-line and s-plus with two above average models on all accounts. The characteristics of the Carthago highliner 2016 are, amongst others, large living area, a remarkable on-board technology and an individual cockpit.

Top of the range models for the former driving license category 3

The new superior class from Carthago is defined in particular by its internal values – dreams of travelling come true here. With lengths up to 8.9 metres and total permissible weight of 7.49 tonnes, the highliner as motorhome of the superior class has generous dimensions, but is not problem to drive for an owner of the former drivers license category 3 (DE – Category B for GB) – Its purchaser does not have to go back to school for a C category drivers license (DE – C / C1 Category in GB).

On the outside, the highliner does not only stand out due to its format, but also from its brand colleagues due to its classic design: it still bears the traditional Carthago face with the characteristic transverse bar in the radiator grille.

Special inner values are concealed behind this appearance.

In addition to the familiar high quality and fantastically insulated Carthago main body, the top of the range model also has particularly large walls with a thickness of 48 mm and a floor with a thickness of 52 mm. This allows the highliner to despite even the strictest cold polar weather:

Another technical feature is a double floor in extremely stiff and light as well as high-quality composite construction. The height of the double floor of at least 325 mm is excellent – The cellar of the highliner offers sufficient space for luggage and supplies for longer trips, as well as for extensive on-board technology. Amongst others, the 265 litre fresh water and 205 litre waste water tanks as well as the hot water heating deserve particular attention. The same applies for the spacious rear garage with a height of 130 cm and the load-through storage space underneath the seating group.

Spacious lounge seating group, new style world “high gloss cream”

From the front to the rear, the large lounge seating group with long side bench and the new corner kitchen with separate fridge and the bathroom are an eye-catcher. Washroom, toilet and shower can be joined together to a bathroom. Both ceiling-high wardrobes are then integrated into it.
The living area of the highliner has also been given a new appearance. When walking through the side door, you automatically