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Motorhome Rental Angers

Motorhome Rental Angers

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Angers – Loire Airport is an airport located in Marcé, 20 kilometres northeast of Angers, both communes of the Maine-et-Loire department in the Pays de la Loire region of France. It is also known as Angers – Marcé Airport.
Motorhome Rental Angers – Set in the heart of the region Pays de la Loire, and very Europe-minded, France’s 17th city enjoys a good reputation as a desirable place to live. According to the Express magazine, Angers even offers the highest quality of life to its residents compared to other big french cities. Angers offers the motorhome visiter a mixture of an typical French night-life, historically rich street-scapes & great shopping opportunities. Angers is also close to Nantes, Tours & Rennes, all of which are connected to Angers by motorway. Many of the motorways charge a toll which can vary from €2 up to €25.

The Loire – It is the river of kings, chateaux and vineyards. For centuries, this great and majestic flow has watched history unfold. Today, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this mighty waterway still holds many hidden surprises. You can explore it by river shuttle and bicycle, following the impressive and specially constructed cycle pathway that runs along its banks. On the other hand, you can simply take a stroll; but rest assured the pace of life is always gentle!

Climate Angers – Angers has an extremely mild climate due to enjoying the effect of an oceanic and continental climate. Summer comes to Angers in June and ends in August. July and August see the highest temperatures of the year with an average high of 25 degrees Celsius with June experiencing temperature highs of around 23 degrees Celsius. The summer experiences the lowest levels of rainfall on average with June being the driest month.

Motorhome Rental Angers


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