How to empty motorhome grey water tank

How to empty motorhome grey water tank

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Motorhome grey water tank

Motorhome grey water tank. Besides water, an RV gray tank (or “grey” if you trend more British) takes in lots of greasy, sticky substances. These include food particles & residue from preparing meals and washing dishes, soap, shampoo, toothpaste & even body oils. After a while, it can gum up your holding tank sensors, causing a false reading on your tank monitors.

Remember Gloves – preferably rubber or anything that won’t let water or “yuck” through.

– Connect the tank flush fitting to the outlet.

– Attach the grey water hose to the flush fitting.

– Put the open end of the gray water hose into the tank dump station. This will likely be a pipe in the ground slightly bigger than the hose. Use the cover or a rock to hold the hose in place.

– Open the valves on the flush fitting and the outlet on the motorhome. Allow the tank to empty. Leave the grey water outlet valve on the RV open until you are finished cleaning the tank.

As you can see dumping the tank is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete, the trick is knowing what not to do. There’s plenty of dump specific things to keep in mind like don’t drag the hose on the gravel when its full, don’t repeatedly step on the hose, and so on.