Packing tips for your motorhome rental holiday

Check list. Things to Bring on a motorhome Holiday

What to pack for your Motorhome rental holiday

If you’ve never been on a motorhome holiday before it’s good to take advice from someone who has, especially on the subject of what to bring with you. Even if you have been on one before, consulting a list can relieve the paranoia of packing. This list is here to help!
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So what to pack?
• Make sure to pack your tickets and Motorhome rental Booking Confirmation to ease your check in!
• Driver Licence essential for insurance at check in. International driver licence if requirde.
• Money/currency of destination country – travellers cheques, credit cards, and € Euro for travel in Europe
• Travel insurance
• EHIC – The European Health Insurance Card covers any medical treatment for EU citizens that becomes necessary during your trip due to illness or an accident. Always ensure you have your own adequate medical insurance.
• 240V Electrical Adapter for use across the UK and Ireland or other adapter depending on country if necessary.
• Torch – for all your night time activities and trips!
• Insect repellent – Unless you are one of those rare people whom bugs never seem to bite, you will probably want to sleep with insect repellent on. Most campervan rentals do come with fly screens, but the determined insect can get through them and, especially in summer, you will not want to have the windows closed at night.
• Books – Reading a book is a great compliment to a campervan holiday, either reading it by torchlight at night or while sitting in the passenger seat on a long drive. There may come a time, when it is raining too heavily to leave the campervan or when you need to conserve the power supply and therefore are unable to charge your laptop or Kindle, when you will be grateful for a good book. Do not, however, forget to simply stare out of the campervan window and take in the landscape you have never seen before.
• Maps and guide books. These will probably be provided by the motorhome rental company, but it does not do any harm to bring your own, even if you have a smart phone or tablet.
• Apps. Download the latest apps to your iphone or smart phone. You can download here
• Camera – This one seems obvious, but make sure you have a spare memory card or the cable to upload photos to your laptop as you go, (or, if you are living in the last century, spare rolls of film,) as you will want to take many, many pictures. Also, don’t forget the charger.
• Toiletries – Unlike hotels, most campervan rental companies will not provide complimentary shampoo and soap. You need to bring your own, along with any other toiletries you need, including your toothbrush and toothpaste.
• Day pack and water bottle. You will also need a smaller rucksack for when you go on day trips, and ladies will need a handbag. It is best to take your valuables with you on day trips, so that if your campervan happens to be stolen while you are gone, you are not completely screwed over. It is highly sensible to take a water bottle on your day trips too.
• Plenty of clothes – You will want to make sure you pack plenty of clothes, as not every campground has laundry facilities. Also make sure you have some warm clothes and thick socks to put on at night, if the weather happens to turn, and some good, sturdy walking shoes. One of the points of campervanning is enjoying the great outdoors.
• Notebook and pens – There may come a time when you need to write something down, such as licence plate numbers if you get in an accident.
• A method of travel sickness prevention – If you or someone in your family gets terribly carsick, then a campervan holiday probably isn’t the best option for you. However, even people who do not usually suffer from travel sickness can occasionally feel ill over long distances, or on particularly windy roads. Ask your pharmacist for some travel sickness tablets or acupressure bands and keep a packet of ginger nuts in the cabin.
• Music – The very nature of a campervan holiday means driving long distances, an experience always made more pleasant with accompanying music. Most campervan rentals come with stereos, so bring your favourite CDs or – more likely these days – MP3 player or similar device, along with its charger and an auxiliary cable to connect it to the campervan stereo.