Motorhome Rental Check List

Check List for Motorhome Rental

Before you start on your motorhome holiday here is a helpful check list

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Motorhome Rental Checklist

This checklist is intended only as a useful guide to help you with your Rental Motorhome.

What to Bring
 Your motorhome rental confirmation voucher and this list.
 Mobile phone: Be sure it works overseas and give the number to your rental supplier
 Collapsible luggage for easy storage.
 GPS unit: Some vendors rent these, but we recommend you bring your own loaded with the appropriate software and  points of interest.
 Maps and campground guides: Be sure the quality is good and the information is current; don’t rely on any guides provided free of charge unless stated.

 All changes must be approved in advance by your motorhome supplier.
 Don’t expect to change any item on the reservation at pick up or while travelling.
 Please ask in advance regarding depot parking and storage.

The Vehicle
 You are responsible for all vehicle damage caused wilfully or by negligence. Please drive carefully.
 Motorhomes are very expensive to repair; your security deposit will be debited for vehicle damage.
 Watch for overhead obstacles and narrow passages, and ask for outside assistance when operating in reverse.
 Test drive the vehicle near the depot; if you notice anything unusual, go back to the depot immediately.
 Manual transmission. Almost all the European motorhomes, many in Australia and New Zealand, and some in the U.S. and Canada have manual transmission. You must be proficient at operating the vehicle before you pick it up or the  vendor will refuse to deliver it and refuse to grant a refund.
 Clean the toilet cassette daily if such is present and used.

The pick-up depot
 Ask for a detailed explanation of the vehicle, its equipment and features; refuse to be rushed.
 Carefully inspect the vehicle’s surface for marks, scratches, windshield chips, etc., and ask the depot attendant to take  written notes.
 Take time-stamped photos, or a video of the vehicle, including the roof.
 Carefully inspect the vehicle’s interior, appliances, cabinets, etc.
 The security deposit must be paid with a valid credit card in the name of a person present at the depot and traveling in the vehicle.
 Vehicle Manual. Check whether the vehicle manual is in the vehicle and in a language you understand.

Vehicle Accessories and Features
 If you requested kitchenware, bedding or any other accessory, make sure it is present, complete and in satisfactory condition before you leave the depot.
 Ask how all the features work, especially the awning. You will be charged for damage to a vehicle feature.
 Make sure at least one LPG cylinder is full upon pick-up. Ask the depot for appropriate adapters for each country you plan to visit. Consider exchanging for full cylinders (or getting yours filled, if they are the sort that can be filled by retail operations) shortly before crossing national borders. Continental European exchangeable cylinders cannot be exchanged or filled in the UK.

Vehicle Problems
 Report any vehicle problem, however minor, to the depot immediately. You may be responsible for damages in connection with an unreported vehicle problem.
 Make sure the emergency roadside assistance number is in the vehicle.
Vehicle Return
 You must return on time to the scheduled depot. There is an hourly charge for late return.
 The depot will thoroughly inspect the vehicle for vehicle damage.
 Return with the vehicle’s interior very clean with the toilet tank and used water tank emptied or you will be charged a substantial fee.
 Cleaning at the depot is not allowed.
 Report any parking, toll-road or other tickets received during your rental.

Travel and Camping
 Please go to our website for information on camping and motorhome travel.
 Tell motorhome rental supplier and the depot the countries you plan to visit, any planned special use of the vehicle, and if you plan to go on a ferry.
 Camp at designated campsites; do not camp in public areas such as roadsides, etc. and do not camp on private property without the owner’s permission.

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* This checklist is intended only as a useful guide.