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Motorhomes or campervans – whatever you call them – there is no doubt that they are the ultimate accommodation choice for flexibility on a driving holiday.
A home on the road gives you the freedom to take each day as it comes. Roam the country, finding beautiful and remote places to park and picnic.
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Overnight you’ll find it convenient to book a powered site in a holiday park or camping ground. The kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities are handy and many sites have great positions at the edge of a lake or by the beach. Free camping may be possible, but it’s wise to check with the local information centre before you park for the night as each district in New Zealand has different rules around where it is permitted.

If you are a food and wine enthusiast, there are a number of vineyards, farms, olive growers etc that allow you to park up at their property for free! Check out Okay2stay for more information on this great service.
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Motorhomes are available for pick up from New Zealand’s main centres. Some companies will offer flexible pick up and drop off options, allowing you to travel from one point to another instead of a round trip.

Daily rental rates for motorhomes vary according to the season and are based on unlimited kilometres per day. Other costs include insurance and a bond that is refundable at the end of your holiday. For travel during summer and autumn, it’s best to book your motorhome sevral months before you arrive in New Zealand. The usual minimum age to rent a motorhome is 21 years. Motorhome rental New Zealand

Staying in Caravan / Rv Parks and Holiday Parks

Staying in a motorhome / caravan park is the luxury way to experience your campervan holiday, but as you know, luxury costs money! The rates of most caravan parks are usually very reasonable, yet this will depend on location, time of the year and the type of accommodation option you choose.

Caravan Parks provide facilities that will make your campervan experience more comfortable. Many of the parks offer easy access to electricity and water, which allows you to replenish your onboard supplies and recharge your motorhome battery. They provide facilities such as toilets, showers, laundries and camp kitchens, which will make your stay just that little bit easier.

Many parks also feature swimming pools, tennis courts, recreation rooms and even spas. This will add a further element of luxury and comfort to your stay and will allow you to sit back, relax and unwind.

It is advisable to book ahead, especially at the places you really want to stay at. However, some caravan parks will let you stay without a reservation, but always be aware of peak times in the year, which often bring with them changing rates and availabilities.

Staying in a caravan park is essentially the best way to go about your campervan holiday. They are ideally positioned so that you can enjoy the surrounding scenery and attractions, therefore offering the best places to stay!

To find a motorhome park to suit you, check out the following:

Staying in National Parks
The Department of Conservation manages over 200 areas of conservation throughout New Zealand, including many of its National Parks. The conservation parks feature lush forest, lake shores or sandy or pebbled beach settings, with each offering a wide range of camping grounds and facilities.

Conservation Campsites are a great place to relax, enjoy and explore the great outdoors. They allow you to get back in touch with nature and escape the crowds at an extremely affordable rate!

Licences and Permits – Licences and permits are required to undertake certain activities in the conservation parks. These activities include hunting, fishing and commercial activities, so insure that you plan ahead and apply for one if you are going to partake in any of these practices.

Camping – Bookings are required for all of the serviced and some of the standard camp sites. Fees vary depending on where the park is situated and whether or not it is serviced. You can find out more about the individual pricing by visiting

For a comprehensive guide on the Department of Conservation and New Zealand’s National Parks, visit their detailed website

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