Motorhome Rental – Questions and Answers

Welcome to our motorhome rental Customer Support Centre

Here are some often asked Questions and Answers


Question: What does it mean if no results come up for my search?


There are three reasons why your search does not return any results.

1. All of our rental companies in your search location have set a minimum hire period. Please adjust your dates.

2. None of our rental companies allow a one way hire.

3. The pick up date is within 24 – 48 hrs. Please contact us directly.


Question: When will my credit card be charged?


Your credit card will only be charged once you have a confirmed booking. At that time the deposit will be collected along with any excess or cancellation covers. Each rental company has different policies.

Some companies require full payment upfront whereas others do not require final payment until you pick up the vehicle. Please see the payment details for when the final balance is due. This final balance is automatically taken from the credit card you have nominated, on your due date. No further action is required on your part.

If you chose to pay in your currency instead of the local currency of the country your rental takes place, full payment will be collected upon confirmation. By doing this you lock in the current exchange rate and avoid future exchange fluctuations.

Question: What are the charges if I cancel?

The amount of the cancellation fee depends on the rental company, please see your terms and conditions regarding this. However, the deposit is nonrefundable. If any further fees apply they will be charged at cancellation.

The most efficient way to cancel your booking is to click on the modification link in your confirmation and cancel from there. We then contact the rental company on your behalf and will advise you the amount of the cancellation fee, if applicable.


Question: Why is the amount charged on my credit card different to the deposit shown?


The only difference will be the credit card transaction fee.

All charges incur a 1.95% credit card transaction fee, as set out in the terms and conditions of your booking.


Question: What happens if my booking is not available, will I get charged?
If the vehicle you requested is not available, you will not be charged as you do not have a confirmed booking. We will look for alternative vehicles for you and send you an email with any available options. If you select one of these options and it is confirmed, we will then collect payment.


Question: Does the website show live availability?
Some of our vehicles have live availability. If you book one of these, you will receive a confirmation automatically.

Others will require 24hrs to get back to you with availability. Once your booking is confirmed, you will be sent your confirmation email. If the booking is not available, we will search for a similar vehicle and email you with available options. Money will not be collected until you have a confirmed booking.


Question: What does it mean when it says the vehicle is “winterized”?


When temperatures are expected to go below freezing, i.e. 32°F or 0°C, you must drain all water from
the motorhome to prevent water freeze-up. As a precaution against freezing, during expected freezing
conditions your motorhome will have been drained of all water and be winterized by the rental station
prior to departure.

You will not be able to use the water system in freezing conditions so plan in advance to purchase bottled water for drinking and minor cleaning needs. Note: You will not be able to use the bathroom during severe freeze conditions. Plan to use alternative facilities.


Question: General camping and campervan information

Battery: Campervans and motorhomes in New Zealand and Australia runs on dual battery where the 1st battery is for the vehicle and the second one is for the lights and fridge inside the vehicle. When the vehicle is stationary and not plugged in to a campsite’s main power, lights and fridge will run on the second battery and will normally last for a day. That secondary battery will recharge when the vehicle is running. Campervans can then be hooked up and plugged in the the main power of a campsite in able to use the other electric power points inside the vehicle and for the other appliances to work. With US and Canadian Motorhomes, the vehicles are or can be fitted with a Generator so that you would not have to plug in to a camp sites main power. The Generator allows you the freedom to camp anywhere and still have power to the vehicle. Dumping Station: The grey and black water waste must be dumped at the dumping station usually found at a camp site. You must return the vehicle with any of these waste as there will be a hectic cleaning charge fee at the end of the rental if the vehicle’s water waste aren’t cleaned out prior to returning the vehicle.


Question: Can I get a discount if I rent a second vehicle?


Since the rates on our websites are already heavily reduced, a further discount may not be possible. However, there are a few rental companies that do offer multiple hire discounts, this is usually stated in their terms and conditions. If you have any further questions or would like to enquire about this, please let us know and we’ll be more then happy to assist.