Motorhome Travel in Europe – Most Popular Destinations

Motorhome Travel in Europe

Most Popular Destinations in Europe

RV and Car Camping Vacations in Europe. RV and Car Camping trips to Europe’s Top Vacation Destinations

Thousands of RV tourists travel in Europe each year, and an economical way to make the journey is by staying in one of the continent’s many campgrounds. Using an recreational vehicle to camp in Europe can make for a flexible trip and seeing more of a country than just the turist destinations. The camper can move from region to region and country to country. The motorhome serves as both transportation and accommodation. Almost anyone can rent an RV and successfully tour Europe

People camping in a campground tend to create a fellowship. This can be a wonderful way to meet other RV tourists in a setting that is not possible while staying in hotels. Just being a camper is a starting point for a relationship with other campers. While walking around the campground, you`ll see and meat people from all over the world. There are more than 8,000 campgrounds in Europe so there is no problem finding a campground in any country in Europe.motorhome camping Portugal

Motorhome Travel in Europe – Europe is the best place to plan a campervan trip which takes in multiple countries. While many travelers head for Western Europe, Eastern Europe shas a lotof spectacular locations which have not yet been spoiled by mass tourism. Discover the stunning beauty of Poland, bohemian charm of the Estonia, traditional villages and mountainous national parks of Croatia and Slovakia, and the glittering Hungarian city of Budapest. national-parks-croatia motorhome hireDiscover it all from the comfort and convenience of your campervan.A popular route throughout Europe incorporates the countries of the northern mainland, including cities such as Amsterdam, Bruges, Prague and Munich along the way.

Western Europe has some stunning places to visit  like Germany`s Rhine Valley – Koblenz and Mainz The Rhine valley is a fantastic area to travel down on a motorhome holiday in Germany. There are plenty of camping places along the way and new sights around every turn. It feels like traveling back in time.Motorhome Travel in Europe-germany-rhine-valley-castles

Either rent a motorhome in Norway or take your RV with you on the ferry from Denmark or Germany and visit Norway. Western Norway is famous for easily accessible fjords and mountains. The area offers activities such as hiking, glacier walking, fishing and cycling. The hundreds of deep fjords that cut into the coastline give Norway an overall oceanfront of more than 12,000 mi (19,312 km). Galdhø Peak, at 8,100 ft (2,469 m), is Norway’s highest point and the Glåma (Glomma) is the principal river, at 372 mi (598 km) long. Motorhome Rental Germanyfjords-in-Norway-Motorhome-rental

Motorhome Travel in Europe – Most Popular Destinations

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