A Motorhome drive along the Rhine – Koblenz and Mainz

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The Rhine Valley – Koblenz and Mainz

This is a must on your rental motorhome holiday in Germay

Germany’s longest and busiest river, the 820-mile Rhine, flows north and east from the Rheinwaldhorn Glacier in the Swiss Alps to the North Sea. The 40-mile Upper Middle Rhine Valley, also known as the Romantic Rhine, runs from Bingen to Koblenz. A World Heritage Site, this section of the Rhine is one of the largest and oldest cultural landscapes in Europe and the most popular for motorhome driving tours.rhine-valley-castle-vines1

Koblenz and Mainz – The Middle Rhine Valley stretches for 65km between Koblenz and Mainz, in central Germany. This area is full off medieval castles, historic towns and vineyards. And is one of the great scinic motorhome drives in Germany. There are small ferries at different points where you can cross the river with your motorhome. The price is only 2 or 3 Euro. On both sides of the river there are small parks and villages and parking places where you can stop your motorhome for a while and eat lunch.. maja-karin-mikkelsen ferry across the rhine

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is an outstanding example of a European cultural landscape. The World Heritage Site comprises the 65 km long section between Koblenz and Bingen / Rüdesheim and the surrounding hills of the „Rheinisches Schiefergebirge“ (Rheinish Slate Mountains). The unique appearance of the landscape resulted from both, the natural course of the river and the human activities. During the last two millenniums, this section of the river was an important trade route, a border, the place of exchange between cultures, and battlefield in several wars.bacharach_-_alteshaus

The Legendary Rhine-Romantic Route:

The Legendary Rhine-Romantic Route stretches for approximately 586 kilometres on both riverbanks between Düsseldorf and Mainz, linking over 100 places where Germany’s best-loved, most delightful tales and legends are set.The Legendary Rhine-Romantic Route:s-lengste-og-viktigste-elvThe route leads through breathtaking scenery to gorgeous locations that inspired the works of the Rhine Romantics as long ago as the early 19th century. Old sagas, myths and legends come back to life as you follow Germany’s biggest river: the elves of Cologne, the baker’s boys of Andernach, Siegfried’s dragon fight on Drachenfels cliff, the treasure of the Nibelungs and the blond mermaid Loreley. The Loreley valley is especially enchanting, with the Mouse Tower at Bingen, the ‘eye roller’ at Koblenz and the legend of how Marksburg Castle at Braubach got its name. Between the Rhine and the Nahe river, you can delve into the origins of Michel, the national personification of Germany, or discover how many grains of truth the Trübenbach saga contains in Kirn.valley-Koblenz- to Mainz

The Rheingau is a rich source of discovery, with Eberbach Abbey and the spring waters at Wiesbaden, and in Mainz you can explore the legend behind the city’s coat of arms. But don’t let your thirst for unravelling mysteries and legends distract you from the many other places of interest. Here, where the Rhine carves its way through the slate mountains between Bingen and Koblenz, you’re also in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage site, an area full of castles that embody the German Romantic tradition. The settings featured in the Rhine’s myths, tales and legends are perfect for discovering on foot or by bike – you’re sure to be impressed!

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