How to light a Motorhome gas stove and oven.

Tips and Tricks on how to Light your RV / motorhome gas stove and Oven!

Motorhome Equipment and Use

Gas is by far the most popular fuel for motorhome cooking because it’s clean and, once you know how to use it properly, it’s also relatively safe. Your motorhome will have a gas installation using either propane (normally in a red bottle) or butane (in a blue one).  Here is how to light your motorhome gas stove.



Clean the RV oven prior to lighting it. Some ovens may fail to work properly if congested with dirt and food residue. Wipe its surface with dry cloth to get rid of any dust or tiny debris.

Turn the propane gas on that runs to the oven. Raise the stove top on top of your oven and locate the pilot light

Push the pilot light’s control as you hold a lit match right over your pilot light hole. Make sure that you are holding the control correctly at the same time

Hold the control button for at least 30 to 45 seconds once lit to make sure that the pilot light stays on.Locate your pilot burner in the oven and turn the thermostat to your pilot position.

Light the oven pilot and set the thermostat according to your desired temperature.