Motorhome Holidays with children. Tips and Advice

Motorhome Holidays and travel with children. Tips and Advice

Children and Motorhomes

Preparing for your motorhome trip: children in camper

A motorhome holiday with children can be great fun or a disaster. Here are some tips and advice to help you have the perfect motorhome holiday.

Build your child’s enthusiasm by involving them as much as possible in planning of your motorhome trip from the very beginning – where you go, what to eat, what to pack etc.

Think of the activities kids like: walking, swimming, cycling etc, then let them choose some of these activites to do on your vacation.

motorhome holidays with childrenIf it is your first trip with a camper stay mostly at the campsites with all facilities and good playgrounds. This makes the first trip an exciting experience for kids and builds enthusiasm for future trips.

Let children pack their own small bag of what they want to include, toys, books etc

Do not forget thier favorite teddy bear. It is good to have a cuddle with in the camper both in the day time and at night.

Take with you food they like to make quick easy meals. Nothing is more stressful than hungry whiny children. Pack also biscuits, dried fruit, etc. in case anyone is peckish along the way.

Remember to pack your first aid kit. You can make your own or buy a complete set.

First day / night in camper

Enjoy it. – Most children want to sleep in the alcove motorhome. This is the bed over the driver’s seat and it’s a great den for children. There should be a safety net to set up over the entrance to the bed that prevents children from rolling out of bed.

On the road with the motorhome:

Make sure the kids are fastened securely.

Bring DVDs and CDs that kids like, audiobooks are also appreciated.

motorhome holidays with childrenTips and Advice. Let your children be envolved and help on the holiday, give them specific tasks .This facilitates the work of parents and children enjoy having regular duties. Along the way, you can play games with your children, such as competitions over who “counts” the most cars if you choose a different color or brand of car and count the cars you see ..

Do not plan a comprehensive program for your first trp. It may soon become stressful. Do not drive longer than 5 hours a day and have breaks along the way. It’s good to stretch your legs and take a trip to the toilet.

Arrive at the campsite while it’s still light, so children can get to know the area, find a playground and maybe make some new friends.

If possible, plan the long distance drives early in the morning, or if necessary, late at night, when the children are asleep.

Drinks and snacks can be useful on long trips, but avoid sticky or crumbly snacks. Steer clear of carbonated and sugary drinks as this often leads to frequent toilet stops. Have a bag and wipes available for a quick cleanup.

Travelling-with-kidsGive each child a space inside the camper for there own things. This will make them feel more at home and it will keep the camper tidy. Give each child his or her own plastic box with a lid for clothes and toys, so that they can only bring what they can fit in the box.

Things for children to do on the motorhome drive.

Videos. This is a must, even if you limit screen time at home, embrace it in your motorhome! The two key factors are comfortable earphones and age-appropriate shows. Think Baby Einstein, Little Einsteins or Dora for younger kids. Theme films with a sense of place like the Hunchback of Notre Dame for older children work well. Use a portable DVD player, laptop, or iPods. iTunes offers many popular kids TV shows and movies.

Coloring. Coloring is great, as long as it’s on paper and that’s not always easy to control; pens that don’t mark off the paper work very well like Crayola Color Wonder pads and pens. Bring other pens as well, but stick to washable pens and bring wipes to remove the out-of-bounds coloring.

Little Toys. Pick a few toy characters that your kids love—babies, action figures, Polly Pockets, little horses, whatever! The important thing is to fill the bag with a variety of options. Forget about things that can roll away or really special items that will cause a fuss if lost.

Arts and Crafts. Of course this varies with age, but here are some toys that can span a large age range. Stickers, Wikki Stixs, pipe cleaners, and sketch books.

Comfort Factor. Pack favorite pajamas or the most comfortable outfits to help the kids sleep during long drives. Also, don’t forget a change of clothes in case of spills or accidents. There is nothing worse than sitting in wet clothes. Also, don’t forget to grab a few extra pacifiers, special blankets, etc., just in case one gets dirty or lost. This may sound simple, but it can be horrible when these “precious” items get lost or forgotten.

Books. There are a huge variety of children’s books written about almost every destination. Before arrival, the interest level might not be as high as you’d like, but once you are there, kids get really excited to see some of the sights from their trip. But remember reading and driving can make them car sick.

Eating. This is one of our main sources of entertainment. Think small, non-messy snacks that take a long time to consume. Pack them in small containers to extend consumption time. Use what you know they like, as well as new things. Ideas: Goldfish, pretzel sticks, shredded carrots, raisins, Trix

Give your rental motorhome a name. Crazy? Maybe, but small children love it and it also helps them remember there holiday a little better.

A motorhome trip is a holiday the whole family can enjoy!
motorhome holiday with children

It can easily become chaos in a motorhome, even for the most organized. Yet a vacation with everything necessary is a great experience.
A rental motorhome holiday can be significantly less expensive than a hotel or villa and get to visit all the places you want too in a short time .. The ongoing costs of campsites, petrol, motorway tolls etc . is also mostly the same regardless of how many passengers you carry so the price per person may be quite reasonable compared to some other options, espeicaly if you have a big family ..
It is a well known fact that children of all ages love camping. In a motorhome you are camping but with much more luxury than campingin a tent.

Travelling with kids

Europe has many campsites dotted with children your child can play with. There are many family oriented camping grounds with great playgrounds and very well developed facilities.
Wherever you travel, you have a good kitchen with you where you can cook foods that are healthy and affordable. Planning a trip out to an attraction, you have your house with you and dont have to pack and unpack for each excursion. Many campervans have bike racks. It is advisable to carry bicycles for both adults and children. You can ride to various attractions and into the cities. Some cities are very well suited for bikes. It’s also nice to have the bike inside the camping area as this is often large, and a bike will make it easier to get around.

Keep children informed about where you are driving, what cities you are visiting, how long it will take etc. This is educational for children.

Traveling by RV is more time consuming than getting on an airplane to travel. But look at this as quality time with family.

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