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McRent is Europe’s Largest Motorhome Rental Company – In Europe, you can currently find McRent motorhome rental in Germany, in the Netherlands, in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, Estonia, Poland and Iceland.Germany McRentMcRent Germany – There rental firms offer vehicles that are not older than three years and moreover are in an immaculate top condition. All of them vehicles of the brands Dethleffs, Sunlight and Globecar in top condition.

You can find motorhome rental firms as partners of McRent at more and more locations in Germany. Presently in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Hannover, Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt/Main, Düsseldorf / Mülheim, Mannheim, Regensburg, Karlsruhe, Aalen, Dortmund, Rheinfelden, Cologne/Bonn, Limburg, Luckenwalde, at the Baltic Sea, Konstanz and Isny.

McRent Germany – With McRent Germany you get maximum flexibility and is completely independent during the holidays. Choose among the practical Compact Standard, alcoves, sleek semi- integrated and luxury motorhomes. All Vehicles come fully equipped with kitchen, housekeeping. cooking and eating equipment as well as a comprehensive Insurance package with low damage excess payable. McRent Germany - Rental Motorhome Suppliers GermanyOur easy to use search engine compares rental motorhome prices from national and international rental motorhome suppliers and finds the best deals for you. Our search tool will show you all types of motorhomes, campers and campervans from McRent Germany and many other suppliers in Germany. If there’s a great motorhome bargain anywhere we`ll find it for you. Trusted by 100,000+ customers.

Get the best deals for Motorhome Rentals in Germany. There are No Hidden Charges within any of our quotations.

Please Remember: The popularity of rental motorhome holidays has grown enormously in the last few years and the numbers of rental motorhomes in some destinations is limited. We advise in countries such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland that you book as early as possible, even as much as 2 – 4 months in advance to make sure you get the perfect motorhome for your holiday and the best rental deals and offers.

McRent Germany has many types of motorhomes. Different motorhome types offer huge variety and ranges. Motorhomes are classified as Type A, Type B, Type C or bus conversion. Our motorhomes range from 2-berth to 7-berth, so there is room for the whole family.Here you will be able to find the type and price that fits your exact needs and budget.

Most motorhomes offer the possibility to convert the group of seats easily to get a bed. For example an alcove vehicle can have 2 beds above the driver´s cab, 2 in the back and 2 on a converted group of seats – but only 4 persons can be carried, because seats always have to have seatbelts and need to face the driving direction. In the very unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown you are well covered through Fiat’s on-road mobility program + emergency service and Dethleffs’ safety package. This comprehensive package represents great value and hassle free travelling in style. Vehicles can be taken into other European Countries but need to be returned to their originating location. The operators of McRent meets the highest standards of living and sleeping comfort.

McRent Germany – The rental fee includes: unlimited mileage – Value added tax (VAT) – Comprehensive coverage with a deductible of 1200,- EUR per loss – Partial coverage with a deductible of 500,- EUR per loss – Third-party liability insurance with a global limit of indemnity of 50 million euros (physical injuries up to 8 million euros per person) -Fiat mobility program + emergency service – awning – in part, reversing camera – Dethleffs safety package – Air conditioning in driver’s cabin –  Bicycle rack – Outside cleaning – 2 bottles of gas – Balancing wedges – CI cable – Cable reel – WC chemicals – Water hose

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