Renting a Motorhome Tips and Advice

Tips for Holiday Motorhome rental

Renting a Motorhome Tips and Advice

Decide on the model and size of motorhome you would like to rent.

There are plenty of different models of motorhome for hire to suit your needs and budget from motorhome dealers all over the world, which ever country you decide to visit. But you need to know what you need from a rental motorhome from the outset so that you can match a motorhome to your needs. Take in to consideration the size of motorhome that is required which will be relevant to the size of your party, also consider what equipment, privacy and levels of security you require. Consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Older motorhomes are cheaper than new models and are usualy just as reliable.
Renting a Motorhome Tips and Advice

Take time to find the right company to hire your motorhome from

Finding a good price and the correct dates you require for your motorhome holiday can be alot harder than you would initially think and can involve spending many hours searching for a competitive price, you will also find that some motorhome companies will be unable to supply a motorhome for your dates as they have already been booked up.
When you hire a motorhome you need to ensure that you take notice of what is included in the price  for either a daily, weekly and monthly rental and you should also consider the collection point as this will be an important factor.

Use our motorhome search engine at the bottom of this page for the best hire deals!

This is where our motorhome rental search and quotation service comes into it’s own as it does all the work for you. We have the largest and best database with all of the best motorhome companies in your search area who have consistently provided the best prices, availability and service to our customers through our quotation service – and all you have to do is fill in a your search info it only takes seconds.

Make sure that you have booked your hire motorhome well in advance

If you know the model of motorhome you want to rent for your holiday why hang about, get it booked early so that you have guaranteed the best vehicle as holiday periods are very busy when hiring a motorhome. Motorhomes are snapped up quickly and you could lose out if you don’t act fast. You can usually also get a better motorhome hire quote as many rental companies offer discounts for early bookers.

Familiarise yourself with the motorhome you hire before you set off on your holiday

Our motorhome dealers are very good in this respect and will spend enough time showing you a motorhomes features, the last thing they want you to do is have an accident so be sure that you pay attention to what they are saying.
– Check that there are no marks or scrarches on the motorhome before you sign the hire forms and make sure that everything is  working properly before you set off.
– Check the overall condition of the motorhome and and that all safety features are present within the motorhome.
– Think carefully about motorhome hire insurance for your hired motorhome
– Purchasing insurance coverage is your choice but a very important one as driving a motorhome does involve some risk, especially if your are unfamiliar with driving a motorhome.
The morohome hire company staff will tell you your options when you hire the vehicle Your holiday trip.

Practice driving any motorhome you hire before you set of on your holidays

Before you set of on your holidays most motorhome hire companies will help you to get to know your vehicle by doing a some driving around the car park or a quick spin around the block. Taking your rental motorhome for a quick drive before setting off on your holidays helps you familiarise yourself with the motorhomes controls.

Motorhome hire kits

Motorhome hire kits can be arranged with the hire and is dependant on the dealer who you are hiring the motorhome from. The kits are usually inclusive of everyday needs for living. We have found that kitchen and housekeeping kits, personal convenience kits and vehicle supply kits are very handy and help make the holiday easier.

Book your motorhome holiday site in advance before you set off

You can find some very useful information on our website about campsite’s in different areas. You can also look at the trip advisor and holiday watchdog websites to read real reviews who have visited the campsite you are considering for your motorhome holiday and by booking in advance you have guaranteed a place to stay for the duration of your required stay.

Finally a word about safety for all motorhome hirers

Always make sure that you have even weight distribution throughout the motorhome and make sure anything that could break or damage the motorhome internally is safely stored in cabinets and cupboards. The distributed weight will help with wind resistance on your motorhome and make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

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