Motorhome travel tips – Visit Marsala

Motorhome travel tips – Visit Marsala

Visit Marsala, a pretty town in the Trapani area of Sicily and the fifth largest town in the region. This town has it all, beautiful scenery, fascinating museums, beautiful shops, excellent food and of course a stunning coastline.

Motorhome travel tips - Visit Marsala

Motorhome travel tips – Visit Marsala

Stay in a picturesque villa in Marsala for a few days and soak up the beauty of this authentic spot of Sicily!

Famous for its wine and being the landing place of Garibaldi and his ‘mille’ in 1860 which began the events leading up to the Unification of Italy, Marsala is guaranteed to be an enriching tourist visit!

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Marsala salt ponds

This coastal town has much to offer; why not go on a scenic boat trip out to the nearby Egadi Islands, especially the archaeological island of Mozia which has its own museum to visit.

Back on the mainland there are many wonderful buildings to walk around such as the Duomo dedicated to the English saint, St. Thomas Becket.

The Piazza Loggia in front of the cathedral is lined with lovely shops and restaurants to stroll around. Sit here al fresco with a delicious cup of coffee and a sweet bun as you watch the world go by!

There are three museums in Marsala which will teach tourists all about the local area including archaeological discoveries here, the wine making history and much more. The ancient remains of a ‘punic ship’ are on display in the archaeological museum which teaches a lot about how ships were made and how they sailed.

Marsala white wines

Visit the nearby tourist attractions of Trapani, Mazara del Vallo and the nearby Greek Temples of Selinunte. There is an excellent tourist office here that detailed all the activities to engage here such as nature trails and water sports. Why not explore the unusual nature reserve here called Stagnone Lagoon which is a marine space dotted with salt ponds.

The Marsala wine here is a strong amber colour liquid which was strongly advocated by an Englishman called John Woodhouse in 1773. He even moved here in 1796 to begin a mass production of Marsala wine to be exported all over the world. Come and see the historic town of Marsala in Sicily to enjoy an enriching tourist experience!

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