Tolls in France – Toll roads in France, and their charges

Toll roads in France and their charges

French toll roads and their charges

Motorhome and Campervan travel France

Toll charges in Europe

Toll roads in France – When traveling in your motorhome threw France you’re bound to drive on several toll roads. Tolls can add up, particularly on a long journey so it pays to do your research before you go.toll_road_toll_booth_009

Toll roads in France. In France the situation’s very different from the Uk and you’re much more likely to encounter a toll road, particularly on the main motorway network. Automatic, cashless, toll systems are in use all over France. When travelling on the “Autoroutes” (motorways) toll charges are often a necessary evil as the country is so large in comparison to England. If you are planning to drive 400-500 km then avoiding the Autoroutes would just take forever.

Toll roads in France – Highway toll France. Passage of highway sections in France is charged with toll gates. Drivers traveling through the territory of France does not have to buy a vignette, a fee for the use of motorways is collected according to section off about a category of vehicle or trailer at the toll gates. Tolls are collected only from drivers of cars, buses and trucks, but also motorcycles. Those who paid the road sections used frequently is ready Liber-t system with automatic payments. In addition to toll for passage of highway sections is levied for crossing some bridges and tunnels. Toll Prices in France

Toll roads in France, Visit: for a Toll Route Calculator and also there is a lot of info on and

Driving a Motorhome approaching Motorway Toll Booths in France

Eurotunnel – If the car going from France to England in the British Isles is one of the fastest use It is about 50 km long tunnel that ran between Calais in France and Folkestone in England. Through this tunnel you can leave the vehicle quickly transport between France and England without the need for slow ferry. Approximate prices for transport through the Channel Tunnel, see the table below for more information including the possibility of booking on the web

Entering & Exiting French Autoroute


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