Tolls in Spain – Toll roads in Spain, and their charges

Toll roads in Spain and their charges

Spanish toll roads and their charges

Motorhome and Campervan travel Spain

Toll charges in Europe

Toll roads in Spain – When traveling in your motorhome or car threw Spain you’re bound to drive on several toll roads. Tolls can add up, particularly on a long journey so it pays to do your research before you go.toll_road_toll_booth_009

Toll roads in Spain. In Spain the situation’s very different from the Uk and you’re much more likely to encounter a toll road, particularly on the main motorway network. Automatic, cashless, toll systems are in use all over Spain. When travelling on the motorways toll charges are often a necessary unless you would prefer the longer more scenic routes. Motorhome Rental Spain

Toll roads in Spain – Highway toll Spain. Fee for passage of motorways in Spain is charged when passing the toll gate. The price paid for the passage of road sections is derived according to the length of time and great maneuverability vehicle category, no need to buy a vignette. In addition to the charges for highway and transit of certain road sections is charged for the passage of several tunnels. In the case of Spain are driving more often, you can use a payment system Via-T which allows the passage of toll gates without stopping and discounts according to the monthly spending for the passage of time. For more information, including links to the official website can be found on this page. Toll Prices in Spain

Toll roads in Spain, Visit: for a Toll Route Calculator

Driving a Motorhome approaching Motorway Toll Booths in France or Spain

Tunnels toll – In Spain, in addition to motorway sections also charged passage of some tunnels. The most frequent paid tunnels can Tunel del Cadi and Tunels de Vallvidrera. Prices for individual vehicle categories can be found in the table on this link.


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