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Driving in the UK as a tourist or visitor

Driving a motorhome in the UK

Driving in the UK – Whether you are flying into the UK and hiring a car or you are arriving on a car ferry or via the Channel Tunnel, if you haven’t driven on the left before, it can be a challenge.

If you are feeling jet lagged, wait a day or two before attempting a long drive as driving while tired is extremely risky.


When you collect your vehicle, whether it’s a campervan or car, spend a few minutes setting it up. If you’ve never driven on the left, make sure you are setting the mirrors up correctly. This is especially important if you are driving a left-hand drive car on our roads as your blind spots will be in different places than in your home country. Get any GPS working before you set off – these will help free you up from some of the navigation duties. Make sure you know how to turn on the headlights, windscreen wipers and indicators. Motorhome rental UK

Driving or hiring a car or campervan when you come on holiday to the UK? These 85 questions are the essential Highway Code rules you’ll need to know to help you stay safe and reduce your chance of an accident. Tourist driving theory quiz

Some basic rules when driving in the UK are:

  • Distances and speeds are listed in miles per hour. Multiply by 1.6 to get kilometres per hour
  • You must keep left on motorways and dual carriageways unless you are overtaking
  • A red light at a junction means stop – there’s no free turn like in America
  • Roundabouts are driven clockwise, and you give way to vehicles from your right
  • A double solid white line in the middle of the road means you are not allowed to overtake

Now you know some of the rules, have a go at the quiz above and learn the other essential rules for driving in the UK.

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In this video they describe what it is like to drive in the UK.

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