Tips on renting a Motorhome in Germany

Tips on renting a Motorhome or RV in Germany

Motorhome rental in Germany

Germany is in the heart of Europe, bordering numerous countries including the Netherlands, France and Switzerland, so it’s a central hub – perfect for a motorhome rental. It is also one of the cheapest countries for motorhome rental in Europe and has a very large range of motorhomes for on motorhome rental germany

The main centres in Germany include Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. It’s from here you can pick up your motorhome hire and hit the road. There are more than 1000 official campsites in Germany, so you will find plenty of choice. From smaller options to larger, more established sites, there are options to suit every budget.

Motorhomes in Germany all have manual transmission; there are no automatic models available. The campervans are all current models and may be brand new or at most 1-4 years old. All Motorhome and RV`s have turbo diesel engines and they are very fuel efficient.

Motorhome models range from 2 to 6 berth vehicles in Germany and all occupants require a sea belt so a 4 berth models will have 4 seatbelts and a 6 berth model will have 6 seat belts. Please note that infants or small children will also have to be belted in.

Germany offers many beautiful scenic drives and themed routes, from the German Castle Road and the Fairy Tale Road, to the Romantic Road. Find concise information and helpful advice for your trip,  about the highlights of the scenic drives, and enjoy photos of castles, palaces, and cities along the routes. scenic routes.



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