Toll roads in Europe

Toll roads in Europe

European tolls

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Toll roads in Europe – Toll fares can take away quite a chunk of the travel budget. Road tolls in Europe can add up, particularly on a long journey so it pays to do your research before you go. Toll roads are relatively quiet and generally are in excellent condition, so speedy travel is almost guaranteed

Toll roads in Europe

Toll roads in Europe

Highway tolls in Europe
Toll roads in Europe – is a website whose goal is to build a complete overview of prices paid road sections in Europe. Here you will find listings of prices vignettes and charges for individual states, including maps highlighting the toll. When traveling in unfamiliar international locations you can use to plan your journey overview of fuel prices in Europe

Toll Route Calculator

Visit: they have a Toll Route Calculator and also there is a lot of useful info on will also estimate fuel and toll costs for your trip on their website..

France Tolls
The Autoroute system in France consists largely of toll roads, except around large cities and in parts of the north. It is a network of 11,882 km (7,383 mi) worth of motorways in 2014. Autoroute destinations are shown in blue, while destinations reached through a combination of autoroutes are shown with an added autoroute logo. Toll autoroutes are signalled with the word péage (toll).
The toll charges for the entire French motorway network can be found at Key Rates for the French Autoroute Network is also a great source of information for anything to do with the French autoroute network.  The website is published by ASFA, a professional association comprising all of the French toll road operators.

To get directions and total cost of travel simply click on this link and input your journey details.  It provides route guidance and calculates the total tolls payable in one easy step.

Tolls in Spain
Toll rates in Spain are quite high, but there are many dual carriageways, the autovías, almost parallel to the autopistas (toll motorways with AP-number), which are free and almost as fast. These autovias are often busier and have more exits.

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Highway tolls in Europe:

Info on toll and road charges:

Info on toll and road charges in Europe from AA AA – European tolls

Pay your tolls with the AS24 Eurotrafic card in 16 European countries


Driving a Motorhome approaching Motorway Toll Booths in France

Highway toll

  • Austria – Belarus – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatia – France – Germany (12t) – Great Britain – Greece – Ireland – Italy – Norway – Macedonia F.Y.R.O.M. – Poland – Portugal – Serbia – Spain – Turkey

Highway vignette

  • Austria – Bulgaria – Czechia – Hungary – Moldova – Romania – Slovakia – Slovenia – Switzerland

Countries without toll roads

  • Andora – Estonia – Finland – Iceland – Kosovo – Cyprus – Lichtenstein – Luxembourg – Malta – Monaco – San Marino – Ukraine – Vatican

Tolls only for some bridges and tunnels

  • Albania – Belgium – Denmark – Lithuania (toll for vehicles over 3,5t) – Latvia (toll for vehicles over 3,5t) – Montenegro – Netherlands – Sweden

Toll Road App`s

Toll roads App for Andriod – costs about £ 1.50

Toll roads App for iPhone, iPad or iPod  – £ 1.50