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Where Can I go on a Motorhome Vacation?
Every country in Europe has camping spaces available for Motorhomes. Most tolerate free-camping in a discreet spot. Major highways are built to carry large vehicles, so it’s not as hard to get around as you might think.motorhome camping Croatia 1

Some Tips
• If you have an engine failure or are stopped by the police, you must use a reflective jacket when you go out of your motorhome.
• The Spanish law requires that you have a vest for each person.
• In France, Spain and Germany , you are required to have a red warning triangle. Should you get an engine failure or for some reason have to stop.The triangle must be set up 30 meters behind the vehicle .
• In Spain it is required that you have two red warning triangles per car.
• In Spain you are also required to have a set of spare lamps / bulbs for your car and tools to change them.
• Make sure you know the local rules and regulations in the country you are visiting.(easy to find on the internet)
• The most important rule of thumb for driving a motorhome in any foreign country is this: Accept that the locals know the rules of the road—both the traffic laws and the unspoken rules—far better than you do. Take your lead from them and drive as they do, only more slowly and tentatively. In fact, drive with an unusual degree of caution to avoid making too many mistakes (or at least avoid making them at high speed).

Campsites and camping


A good campground guide is essential for locating places where you want to stay. Another essential item to get before you leave is an International Camping card. This provides admittance to most campgrounds (in some cases at reduced rates) and is held by the campground instead of your passport. Don’t leave home without it.

Finding a place to camp is no problem. There are multiple websites dedicated to camping in Europe; the most comprehensive and easiest to navigate is Eurocampings. This site provides an extensive list of campsites by country, as well as a rundown on their facilities, approximate prices and dates of operation; many campsites, especially in Mediterranean Europe, are open year-round. Armed with this website and your credit card, you can make reservations anywhere you want to go. Be sure to book in advance during the high season! During the summer, many of the best campsites will be fully booked so book in advance  and / or have a list of alternate. Finding space in campgrounds is a lot easier than finding space in hotels Not all campgrounds take reservations, so if the area campgrounds are crowded the best bet is to arrive early.motorhome camping in Europa


There are some differences to be aware of if you are camping in Europe for the first time. To begin with, pricing can be confusing at first. At most campgrounds you’ll pay separately for each person and each vehicle. In addition to differences in pricing you’ll find a few differences in facilities and services. So make sure you check what is included in the camping price.


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