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How to book a rental in Europe

Europe is a large continent consists of 50 countries so, no matter what you are looking for in a holiday, you are sure to find it in Europe. To make your vacation even more memorable, you can rent a campervan or motorhome and explore to your heart’s content!
All you need to do is book your campervan rental online and arrange to collect it from any major airport upon arrival. No matter where you go in Europe, there are plenty of holiday parks, caravan parks and camping sites where you can park your motorhome campervan or other recreational vehicle. These camp sites are also usually very well-maintained with handy facilities like restrooms, playgrounds and more.
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The mild and pleasant coasts and castle-dotted countryside of the British Isles are a great place to get started before heading down to continental Europe and sampling the Mediterranean coast of Spain and tap-dancing to the fiery flamenco; lounging in the Italian Riviera; standing in awe before Roman and Greek ruins and architecture; indulging in French cuisine and haute couture; taking part in the buzzing German Oktoberfest; strolling around Prague’s UNESCO-protected city centre; and getting a tan in the sun-dappled coasts of the Balkans, among others.

Before you travel by motorhome rental:
The rules of the road vary from country to country, so make sure you check the local conditions before entering a country. All countries have strict alcohol limits. You should also note that the legal drinking age is not the same across the continent.

To hire a RV of any kind ( motorhome, camper, campervan) in Europe, you must hold a current drivers license and at least 21 though some countries have a higher age limit. You may also need to carry an International Drivers Permit, which is written in English.

At the end of your trip you can choose either to return your campervan or motorhome hire to the same place you picked it up or a European rental agent branch located at an international airport, allowing you to make the entire trip in comfort and at your own pace.

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