Road Tolls app – iPhone and Android

Road Tolls- application for iPhone and Android

Road Tolls app Europe

Road Tolls app – If you’re planning a trip to the Europe, here’s some vital information on countries that operate road toll systems or vignettes.
Click the country flag (vignette system) on the map or select the country name (toll roads, bridges, tunnels) to view toll details. All countries in Europe with road tolls and fees, included Turkey. Select the country name ( all countries in Europe, included Russian Federation and Turkey) to view driving requirements by country or local rules and advice for driving. European motorways and toll roads

Road Tolls app Europe
Road Tolls app Europe – Application features:
– Highways vignettes
– Toll roads
– Driving Requirements by Countries
– Local rules and advice
– Emergency calls
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Where you need to pay toll?

In some countries, where the passage is free highways, may be levied for passage of some tunnels or bridge. Some countries use Automatic, cashless, toll systems. Tolls can add up, particularly on a long journey so it pays to do your research before you go.
A toll road is a road over which users may travel over on payment of a toll, or fee. Tolls are a form of user tax that pays for the cost of road construction and maintenance, without raising taxes on non-users. Investor’s bonds necessary for the construction of the roads are issued and sold with the expectation that the bonds will be paid back with user tolls. The toll roads may be run by government agencies that have bond issuing authority and/or private companies that sell bonds or have other sources of finance.