Driving in Croatia – Traffic Rules & Road Signs

Driving your Motorhome in Croatia – Traffic Rules Croatia

Traveling by Motorhome in Croatia – How to drive in Croatia

Motorhome Holidays in Croatia: Self-Drive Motoring holidays in Croatia. Tips on driving abroad in Croatia. Motoring rules and regulations in Croatia. Motoring laws in Croatia. Motorway and Tunnel Tolls.motorhome driving croatia

Perhaps the most practical way to go around and seeing the most of Croatia is travelling by motorhome. It’s going to give you access to a lot of good destinations, Driving is on the right with overtaking on the left. The state of the roads is good with many new roads being added. They include the new Zagreb-Split motorway with connections to Zadar and Sibenik, and the motorway between Istria and Italy. Also consider that you may want to take the time to use scenic routes such as the Jadranska Magistrala Adriatic coastal road. Although these routes are very pretty if you are driving through elevated areas you should be aware that falling rocks can be a hazard. For more information about motorways in Croatia visit http://wapedia.mobi/en/Highways_in_Croatia.
Vehicles entering a roundabout have right of way as do all forms of public transport and school buses. Headlights should be used at night and times when visibility is less than 100 metres. Between the end of October and the end of March dipped headlights should be used during daylight hours.

Traffic Rules & Regulations in Croatia
– Croatians drive on the right side of the road and overtake on the left.
– Private vehicles should give way to public transport, especially school buses.
– Wear your seat belt at all times and don’t use mobile phones while driving.
– Dipped headlights are also required during the daytime between the months of October and March.
– Keep with you your pertinent documents (i. e. license, registration, and insurance) at all times to avoid complications with the authorities.
– The roads in Croatia are largely of great quality.
– Speed limits range from 50 km/h for built-up areas, 80 km/h on open roads, and up to 130 km/h for motorways.
– Be wary of stopping by to help people on the road. Not all of them can be trusted.
– 0%, yes zero, alcohol level rule against driving!

Avoid rush hours in the cities of Zagreb and Split, as between 7– 8am and 3– 4pm traffic can get quite congested. Do not drive on tram lines and only use your horn in cases of immediate and extreme danger. Police are empowered to collect fines on the spot for speeding and other offences. It is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving unless you have a hands-free device. Road Signs in Croatia

Road Tolls in Croatia
There are tolls on various motorways, bridges and tunnels including route E59 and the E70 out of Zagreb. There is also a toll on the E71 between Zagreb to Split. The open toll system, where you pay immediately on entering, is used on bridges and tunnels and on shorter motorway sections. The closed toll system, where you get a toll card on entering and pay on exiting, operates on larger motorways.driving in France road tolls

Speed limit in Croatia
– 50 kilometres per hour in built up areas
– 80 kilometres per hour on open roads
– 130 kilometres per hour on motorways
Caravans and cars towing a trailer must not go faster than 80 kph.
Police can collect on-the-spot fines for speeding.

Motorhome headlights
The new law also requires that all motor vehicles drive with dipped headlights on at all times. You may be fined if you are driving without your headlights on, even during the daylight hours.

Motorway signs: have the letter A followed by two digits. They have a green background with a picture of motorway in white. State roads have the letter D and country roads have the letter Z followed by four digits.

What documents do I need?
If you are driving across from one of the borders then you need to purchase insurance or make sure that your green card covers Croatia. Old style EU licences must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit. You must carry your passport on you at all times as a form of identification.

Emergency services in Croatia
The emergency services are on 112. Emergency road help with advice in English is on 987. Traffic information in English is available at 98.5FM during the tourist season. Otherwise road traffic info is provided 24 hours a day by Hrvatski Auto-Klub on 041 415 800.

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