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One-way motorhome rentals are extremely popular in the USA with RVers choosing to travel short trips from San Francisco to Las Vegas, or longer trips from New York City to Los Angeles. Other popular road trips include the journey from Boston or Chicago to Miami in the fall, and from New York to Miami or Florida during the Christmas period.

An important thing to keep in mind if you are considering a one-way rental is to book early. This may involve booking your vehicle several months in advance, in order to find the best deal and the cheapest one-way motorhome fee. When thinking about this you should also take the time of year into account when booking your rental RV. Holiday periods are extremely busy and if you try and book your rental motorhome too close to your time of travel you may miss out.

Domestic and International One Way Car Rental in Europe, USA and Canada
There are two types of one way travel with a rental Motorhome: domestic and international. One of the conditions of returning a rental vehicle to a different location is a compulsory charge known as a one way fee, which varies in price depending on the rental car company’s rate for a prearranged drop-off at a domestic or international location.
There are few rental companies that allow International rental. An international one way fee is almost always required for a trip from one country to another country. Unless stated otherwise, it is important to note that all rental companies around the world charge an international one way fee.

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