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Driving your Motorhome in Germany

Driving in Germany – Tips, Traffic Rules & Road Signs

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Driving a rental motorhome in Germany is a great experience. German roads are well maintained, and many scenic routes lead you through wonderful German landscapes. There are lots of places to you can stop along all the roads and on the Autobahn. While it’s no secret that the German autobahn is one of the last places where you can drive as fast as you want. About half of the nearly 13,000km autobahn is regulated by speed limits, the rest merely has a recommended limit of 130km/h. A minimum speed – of 60km/h – is imposed, though, to ensure that slow vehicles stay off the highway. Germany does take measures to safeguard its motorways. The autobahn has its own dedicated police force called the Autobahnpolizei, and there are a few main rules to be aware of:

•The left lane is for passing only; using the right lane to pass is strictly prohibited in Germany.
•The hard shoulder is for emergencies only. Stopping for non-emergencies is illegal.
•Your tyres must be rated for your car’s top speed. If you need to rent a car with snow tyres, ask the rental shop about acquiring a sticker for driving on the autobahn (which denotes your car’s maximum speed).

In cities and towns, the speed limit (Tempolimit) is 50 km/h (31 mph) unless otherwise posted. In the last decade or so, the “30-Zone” has gained great popularity. These are residential areas with a posted 30 km/h (18 mph) speed limit to protect children and pedestrians who live in the neighborhood. On normal two-lane highways the limit is 100 km/h (62 mph). Cars towing trailers must stay under 80 km/h (50 mph). The autobahn has a “suggested” speed limit of 130 km/h

Highway toll Germany 
The German government has approved plans for a controversial road toll which will include charging foreigners for using the famous Autobahn network.
The toll badge will cost up to €130 (£103; $162) a year, depending on a car’s age, engine size and emissions.Motorhome Rental Searcher germany

Highway tolls in Europe: http://www.dalnicni-znamky.com/en/

Info on toll and road charges: http://www.tolltickets.com/

Info on toll and road charges in Europe from AA AA – European tolls

Driving in Germany – Road signs in Germany


Traffic Rules & Driving in Germany
– Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to sit in the front seat of any vehicle that has a back seat.
– Seat belts are mandatory for the driver and all passengers in the car, front and back.
– Germany, has a .05 (0.5 pro mille) blood alcohol limit for drunk driving.
– Drivers must carry a warning triangle (Warndreieck) and a first-aid kit in the vehicle
– American auto insurance is not valid in Europe, be sure you have coverage from the rental agency and/or a credit card.roads in germany

International Driving Permit
Austria, Germany, and Switzerland ( Non-EU drivers ) also require an International Driving Permit (IDP), which is actually just a translation of the original license from your home country.

Environmental Zones
Since 2008, many cities in Germany have introduced environmental “green zones” (Umweltzonen) that require cars to have a special sticker (Umweltplakette) for entry. Motorists driving into these zones without the proper sticker are subject to a 40-euro fine. The law applies to foreigners as well as residents. If you have a rental car, you need to be sure it has a green sticker. Expat residents also need to get a sticker for their car. An Umweltplakette for cars registered in Germany costs only 6 euros. A sticker for foreign vehicles costs 12.50 euros

Renting and Driving a Motorhome in Europe
In order to rent or lease a car in Europe, non-Europeans need a valid driver’s license from their home state or province. Although the legal driving age is 18, drivers usually must be over 21.
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