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Camper and Motorhome rental in Italy

Italy motorhome rental made easy when you book online. We find the cheapest prices, the best deals and offers on all Italy motorhome hire! No Booking Fees and Lowest Price Guarantee.Motorhome rental booking specialists searcher Italy

We are specialist of motorhome hire in Italy.Find the best deals and offers for your motorhome holiday in Italy. Rent a motorhome in Milan, Napoli, Pisa, Rome, Sardinia and many other cities. Hire your RV in Italy from all major airports in Italy.

Quick and easy motorhome hire.  Our search engine and network allows you to enter your pick-up location where you want to collect your Italy campervan. We offer a huge selection of airport and city options, and you can also filter your motorhome selection by size and even age.

Motorhome rental booking specialists searcher Italy:

We offer all the leading Italian motorhome brands, from McRent to Pure Motorhomes and Big Sky, with smaller, more local companies also thrown in. For a cheap campervan deal in Italy, we can deliver. However, if a top-of-the range luxury campervan is what you’re looking for, just keep searching through the pages – we will deliver.

Rome, Milan, Napoli, Pisa… so many choices
The north of Italy offers many locations for your motorhome vacation, Genoa, Milan and Turin, with Rome in the heart of the country. Delightful Sicily is down south, so where you decide to take your motorhome hire in Italy is perhaps the most difficult decision. Oh yes, and there’s always Venice. One ultimate road trip is the Amalfi Coast, on the Sorrento Peninsula. Take your time, as the amazing cliff formations will make it difficult to concentrate on the road. Or perhaps you fancy the glamour of the Italian Riviera, enjoying towns such as Cinque Terre and Portofino. You’ll need a sober driver for the gorgeous wineries of Tuscany, while Florence to Rome can be tricky to negotiate with so many crazy motorists on the roads! Throw in the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence Cathedral, Saint Mark’s Basilicia and the Sistine Chapel and you have a truly remarkable country.

Campervan holiday a natural choice
Renting an Italian RV is a great move for a number of reasons. The warm Italian climate is perfect for outdoor camping and enjoying the natural wonders of Italy. With two mountain ranges, pristine rivers and subalpine lakes, it’s built for adventure and relaxation. There are hundreds of campsites scattered around the country, with Pescara and Venice particularly popular with tourists. Tourism is a major contributor to Italy’s economy, so travellers are very welcome.Motorhome rental booking specialists searcher Italy 1

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