Motorhome Rental Split Croatia

Motorhome Rental Split

Motorhome Road-trips in Croatia

Motorhome Hire in Croatia – Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split

Motorhome Rental Split

Motorhome Rental Split

Explore Croatia by camper or motorhome. Croatia is an amazing country to visit and Split has fantastic scenery and fabulous destinations all around the city. You can pick up your rental motorhome at Split airport or at Split city depot.
Split is the second largest city in Croatia, with just over 200,000 inhabitants, and is the largest city on the Adriatic coast. Coupled with its strong history – it emerged from a settlement around a palace built by Roman emperor Diocletian, and the city was also important within Yugoslavia – this lively city sure is worth a visit, however brief.

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Motorhome Rental Split

Split Croatia

Due to its prime coastal location, Split is an ideal spot to start a motorhome road trip around Croatia. The journey to Dubrovnik is very popular and takes approximately four hours around the southern Dalmatian coast. However, there are so many photo opportunities, you’re likely to spend a lot longer on the road. With countryside and mountains as well as the ocean, give yourself plenty of time for a motorhome vacation you will never forget. If you’re heading north from Split, Zagreb is just over four hours away. And while it’s inland rather than coastal, it’s still a worthwhile trip and an easy drive in your rental motorhome. Zagreb is another fabulous Croatia destination. Motorhome Rental Split

Attractions of Split
There are so many things to do in Split, you may decide to take a few days here.
• The Diocletian Palace of the Roman Empire is in the heart of the city. Its remarkable mausoleum remains in its octagonal form, and as part of the historical complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
• The Croatian National Theatre hosts hundreds of performances every year and is a breathtaking structure. From drama to concerts and ballet, splash out on a ticket.

• Hvar Island was originally a Greek colony and an important trading port. With a warm climate and stunning beaches, this is a busy tourism spot in summer.
• The Archaeological Museum has an impressive selection of artefacts and exhibitions going back to prehistoric times.
• Marjan offers a preserved Park Forest of pine, with a zoo and sensational panoramic views of the region. This area is popular with tourists and locals alike. Motorhome Rental Split
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