Motorhome travel Sweden

Motorhome travel Sweden

Sweden in a Motorhome

Getting around Sweden is easy in a Motorhome

Motorhome travel Sweden. Getting around Sweden is easy in a Motorhome. Though you may want to cover large distances on your motorhome holiday (especially in northern Sweden), the country’s road network is efficient and extensive. Motorways and roads are designed to deal with all kinds of weather. Outside of the main cities the roads are relatively free of traffic by international standards, and well maintained. Most Swedish roads are suitable for motor homes and caravans. Sometimes the only traffic you will have to look out for is the occasional deer or elk crossing the road!

motorhome travel Sweden

Motorhome travel Sweden

It is possible to drive the entire length of Sweden from south to north. There are no tolls (except when crossing the Öresund Bridge), and traffic jams are rare. The roads are usually in excellent condition, with easy-to-read traffic signs making it easy for motorhome travel Sweden . Along the roadside the naturally beautiful countryside offers both natural and prepared roadside stops, making it easy to stop for a break from your motorhome driving. Get the best deals and cheapest prices foe motorhome rental in Sweden here. On you will find routes and suggestions for travel and road trips.

Motorhome Camping in Sweden
The SCR – The National Swedish Campsite Association has almost 500 campsites as members. The campsites are all over Sweden and offer more than 75,000 camping pitches and 9,000 cottages and cabins.
It might be an idea to buy a Camping Key Europe. It is a card that connects campsites all over Europe and Sweden. Having the card in your wallet opens up Europe to you and makes your holiday more convenient and cheaper. Camping Key Europe is required in order to check in at an SCR Svensk Camping-affiliated campsite.lake-swedish-nature

Swedish countryside
The Swedish countryside is full of surprises in the north (wilderness, foaming rivers, high alpine peaks and plains in Swedish Lapland), south (rolling countryside and beaches that never end), east (coastline and magical archipelagoes) and west (coastline and giant lakes). Even in Sweden’s big cities; Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, Sweden’s nature is literally on your doorstep.

Midnight Sun
In northern Sweden, above the Arctic Circle, The Midnight Sun is visible 24 hours a day. In Abisko, one of the most northern Towns in Sweden, the Midnight Sun can be seen May 27-July 18.

Northern Lights
The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are the fluttering and bright lights that can be observed in the sky over the northernmost parts of the world. The best viewing areas in Sweden are above the Arctic Circle between September and March.

Public holidays in Sweden
The majority of establishments in Sweden are closed on Midsummer’s Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. This applies to shops, banks, museums and some restaurants.
For the rest of the year Sunday hours apply to public holidays. A few restaurants are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Museums have their busiest days on public holidays – with the above exceptions.

Right of Public Access
The Swedish countryside is open to everyone. You are allowed to walk, jog, cycle, ride or ski through the forests and countryside and across other people’s land.
Provided you don’t cause any damage to crops, tree plantations or other sensitive land. Don’t disturb and don’t destroy – that’s the main rule when it comes to understanding the Swedish Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten). Visitors to the countryside are requested to observe a few common-sense guidelines.northern lights sweden