RV Hire Pula Airport Croatia

RV Hire Pula Airport

Motorhome and Campervan Hire in Pula, Croatia

Motorhome Hire in Croatia – Pula motorhome rental Pula airport

RV Hire Pula Airport

RV Hire Pula Airport

RV Hire Pula Airport. Explore Croatia by camper or motorhome. Croatia is an amazing country to visit and Pula has fantastic scenery. Pula is a great place to start your motorhome holiday in Croatia. Pula`s lowest rental prices, guaranteed. Pick up your rental motorhome at Pula airport and you are ready to go.
The city of Pula is situated near the base of the Istrian peninsula, the population of Pula stands at just over 62,000 making it the largest city in Istria. Its most famous attraction, the well preserved Roman amphitheatre, is one of the most famous sights in the whole of Croatia.

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RV Hire Pula Airport Croatia

RV Hire Pula Airport Croatia

RV Hire Pula Airport. Pula Airport is located in Pula, Istria and is the international airport serving Pula, Croatia, and is located 6 km from the city centre. The airport is designated as the alternative airport for parts of Slovenia and a multitude of cities in eastern Italy. The airport also attracts jet set passengers flying privately

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Reaching Pula Airport is very simple: Check the general directions below or more accurate directions on the map for travellers coming from cities nearby.

1. Coming from Rijeka by car or motorhome
– simpy take the Istrian “Y” route (road) and follow the path directly to Pula; where a few miles before reaching the very city You’ll be directed by road signs to Pula Airport

2. Coming from Triest (Trieste) by car or motorhome
– simply take the Istrian “Y” route (road) and follow the path directly to Pula; where a few miles before reaching the very city You’ll be directed by road signs to Pula Airport

3. Coming from midland or west coast of Istria (a non Istrian “Y” route)
– simply come to Pula suburbs and head to Rijeka by heading to the “Y” Route. You won’t be taking the “Y” route but going straight forward instead of going right to “Rijeka ‘Y’ Route”. You’ll be directed shortly after to “Airport” Pula (going right from the main road).

4. Coming from east coast of Istria (a non Istrian “Y” route)
– simply head to Pula, and after the village Loborika You’ll be soon directed to turn left to Airport Pula.

5. Coming from the south of coming from downtown Pula (a non Istrian “Y” route & an Istrian “Y” route)
– simply head to Rijeka via “Y” route and follow directions to “Zračna Luka Pula”

The most famous sight in Pula is the Roman amphitheatre, which is called The Arena. Built during the 1st century AD and completed under the reign of Emperor Flavius, this amphitheatre is the sixth largest in the world (of those that still exist). The three-storey structure held 23,000 spectators in Roman times and today hosts numerous concerts and events throughout the year, including Pula Film Festival screenings.motorhome rental in Pula

What should you see and experience in Pula?
• The Pula Arena is one of the most important historical monuments in Pula and the world
• Augustus’ temple dedicated to goddess Roma and Emperor Augustus
• Double Door and remainders of medieval town walls
• Gate of Hercules built from big stone blocks
• Protected part Cape Kamenjak (Rt Kamenjak) in the nearby Premantura peninsula
• Pula Film Festival, the oldest Croatian film festival
• Days of Antique in Pula on the way of life and culture of the old Rome
• Aquarium PulaIstria motorhome rental

RV Hire Pula Airport Croatiais one of the most visited tourist destinations in Croatia and the Mediterranean, making it perfect for a motorhome vacation. It is known as the “New Tuscany” and “green-blue” region since the beautiful coast and crystal clear blue sea of the Adriatic combines with the abundant greenery of pure nature of Istria’s hinterland. Istria’s diversity attracts motorhome visitors throughout the year. In summer you can relax in the shade of centuries old pines and enjoy refreshing cocktails on beautiful Istrian beaches, whereas spring and autumn are perfect for visiting one of the many popular wellness centres. There are camping places all arond the Istria area making it easy to park your motorhome for the night and enjoy the  fantastic scenery. It is up to you! Get the cheapest motorhome rentals in Croatia here

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Airlines using Pula Airport:

Aer Lingus. Aeroflot, Air Berlin, ASL Airlines France, Austrian Airlines,Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines, easyJet, Edelweiss Air, Eurowings, Finnair, Jet2.com, Lufthansa Regional, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Primera Air, Ryanair, Scandinavian Airlines, Sea Air, S7 Airlines, Thomson Airways, Trade AirTransavia, TUI Airlines Netherlands, Ukraine International Airlines, Ural Airlines VLM Airlines, Vueling, Windrose Airlines