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Facts about motorhome rental in Europe. The Rv / motorhome rental industry in Europe is fragmented, that means that there are no motorhome rental companies covering all of Europe. A consequence of this is that there are very few RV companies that offer a one way service within Europe. Germany has some of the best rates available for rental in Europe, and you can get a good rate for long term motorhome rentals. Being in the center of Europe makes Germany a good starting piont for a European motorhome holiday.Renting a Motorhome / RV in Europe

Pick up your campervan at the airport
The beauty of booking your camper rental with us is the fact that there are so many pick-up locations for the hire vehicle. Whether it’s France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, United Kingdom, Spain, Iceland or scandinavia nearly any other country in Europe, just click the filter and arrange the ideal collection point. Our friendly customer service team can help you with any queries you may have. If your knowledge of European geography isn’t strong, we will make sure you know where you’re going, which is especially important if you’re embarking on a family holiday in your motorhome.

Easy motorhome rental search in Europe
If you type at the seach country, area or city you want to rent a RV from, you can find directly all the motor home rentals available in the area. If there are no motorhomes available in your preferd area, try cities close by. You will find all the information you need on prices and vehicals in the search results. You can either book direct or ask for a quote. We offer a wide range of camper van rental options throughout Europe which can be easily viewed online.
We are experts in worldwide motorhome rental. Spanning the globe across 29 countries, our extensive network of locations and suppliers provides a comprehensive source of fantastic camper deals, a multi-lingual customer service team that’s always on call, and special offers that no other site can compete with. Our outstanding pool of knowledge allows us to create holidays of a lifetime and memories that will last forever.

We are one of the World Leaders in Motorhome, Campervan, RV, rental & hire in Europe. The largest choice of RV, Motorhome & Campervan hire in Europe with the best deals and cheapest prices. Trusted by 100,000+ customers. We make motorhome rental easy.

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Motorhome rental booking specialists search in Europe

Vehicals and age
Rental fleets in Europe are up to date with very few Motorhomes over 2 years old, in many cases they are current year models. Although som companies can offer older motorhomes at cheaper prices. Nearly all motorhomes in Europe are diesel or turbo diesel powered and are very fuel efficient; you can expect to get 25-35 miles per gallon on normal driving. Motorhomes are very easy to drive, and it will only take an hour or two to get used to the fact that it is a larger vehicle. All motorhome rental campanies in Europe offer a national and European breakdown service that can come out and assist you if you run into any problems with your rental motorhome.Motorhome rental booking specialists searcher Italy

Season and Rates in Europe – Motorhome rental prices
Rates of hire vary according to season, and rates are of course higher in the months of July and August, the generally accepted “High Season”. Seize of the motorhome also counts, it is cheaper to book a motorhome for 2 people than for 6 people. The poularity of motorhome holidays in Europe is growing each year so if you wish to book a Motorhome in High Season, you are strongly advised to book several months in advance as demand far outstrips supply.

Where to book and prices
Most times if you book directly threw a motorhome rental company search engine it is cheaper then if you go to a travel agency or broker. Enter where you want to pick up your motorhome from in the search box above. Our search engine will compare prices and give you the best deals and offers for motorhome hire in Europe. Our search engine searches threw all national and international rental motorhome suppliers to find the best prices for you. To determine the price of a RV rental look threw the results of the search and find your perfect motorhome at an acceptable price.
We are one of the World Leaders in Motorhome, Campervan, RV, rental & hire in Europe. The largest choice of RV, Motorhome & Campervan hire in Europe with the best deals and cheapest prices.

Campsites and motorhome stopovers in Europe
When you are traveling in a motorhome in Europe, you need a place to spend the night. In some countries you are only allowed to stay at official campgrounds, others have overnight motorhome stops and some do allow free camping or wild camping. In our campsite listings you can find links to rules for most countries and overnight stops and RV dump stations.

Driving licence for motorhomes
A class B national driving licence is all that is required to drive a campervan under 3500kgs, which covers all except the largest motorhomes. In order to drive motorhomes over 3500kg, you will need a class C national driving licence to drive a vehicle over 3500 kgs. If your drivers license is not written in the roman alphabet, you will need to get an International Drivers License – contact your countries local drivers licensing authority for details.

Motorhome damage deposit
You will always be asked to leave a motorhome damage deposit when taking out a motorhome. The ajority of companies do this by running an imprint of your credit card. You will get the deposit back a few days after you drop off the motorhome.

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