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Motorhome Parking Europe – Campercontact, Europe’s biggest motorhome parkings website

Motorhome Parking Europe. With this Campercontact-app (Lite version) you can quickly find a motorhome parking, motorhome-friendly campsite or service location. You have access* to the largest database in Europe with motorhome sites in 50+ countries (mainly Europe).  The app works perfectly offline so you don’t have to incur roaming charges abroad. The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets that have an iOS or Android operating system. Campercontact, Europe’s biggest motorhome parkings website!

Campercontact app

Campercontact app

Extensive functionality: for and by motorhome owners
The app contains detailed information about motorhome sites and motorhome-friendly campsites that are listed on the Campercontact website. Users are able to actively contribute by easily adding new motorhome sites, photographs and ratings to the app. Motorhome owners can also use the navigation software on their smartphone or tablet to plan routes to motorhome sites and to mark the locations where they have parked up.

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Free trial version
The full version of the app is available at the App store and Google Play for € 5.99 (£4.49) per year. Alternatively, before purchasing the full version it is also possible to try a free trial version which has restricted functionality and a small selection of the database.

Multilingual App
The app is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

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Motorhome stop destinations
Canada (36)
Griekenland (145)
Nederland (1355)
België (298)
Frankrijk (6116)
Spanje (1395)
Hongarije (114)
Italië (4232)
Roemenië (80)
Zwitserland (272)
Oostenrijk (436)
Ver. koninkrijk (877)
Denemarken (529)
Zweden (855)
Noorwegen (791)
Polen (258)
Duitsland (4967)
Turkije (143)
Marokko (297)
Portugal (452)
Luxemburg (60)
Ierland (162)
IJsland (45)
Malta (1)
Finland (144)
Bulgarije (26)
Litouwen (57)
Letland (54)
Estland (55)
Monaco (1)
Slovenië (160)
Tsjechië (175)
Slowakije (42)
Liechtenstein (4)
Verenigde Staten (32)
Nieuw Zeeland (30)
Kroatië (245)
Servië (27)
Albanië (33)
Oekraïne (18)
Montenegro (29)
Bosnië en Herzegovina (23)
Macedonië (10)
Rusland (10)
Moldavië (2)
Andorra (8)
Iran (2)
Kosovo (2)
Armenië (2)
Wit-Rusland / Belarus (2)
Australia (48)