Discount camping cards in Europe

Discount camping cards in Europe

Camping cards Europe

Camping and Travel in Europe

Why do I need a camping card?
A Camping card is a card that can save you and your travelling partners or family a lot of money. All approved campsites in Europe must comply with the rules and requirements of the camping card. A camping card is intended to ensure that all guests are registered. Guests renting cabins, caravans and tents must therefore also have a camping card. Many camping cards give good campsite discounts to there members. In addition, many valid camping cards carry third-party liability insurance, if the card holder does not have any other insurance cover. The insurance only covers damage for which the card holder may be held liable.

Discount camping cards in Europe

Discount camping cards in Europe

Camping Card International (CCI)
The international ‘passport’ for campers.
The CCI is a respected proof of identity that has the same value as a passport for the campsite owner. Upon arrival at a campsite, simply hand in your CCI so you can keep your passport with you. Discounts and Benefits

Camping at a discount
Your CCI is a discount card at more than 2.500 campsites throughout Europe. This discount can be as much as 25% in both the high season and the low season. If, for example, two adults and two children go camping for fourteen days in France, the discount can run to almost € 40.

You have third-party liability insurance
The holder of a CCI is a carefree camper. Your travelling group of a maximum of 11 persons has third-party liability insurance during their stay at the campsite.ACSI CampingCard

ACSI CampingCard
ACSI Club ID is a Camping Carnet. It is an alternative identity document, accepted at 8800 camp sites. Members are automatically insured for liability. ACSI Club ID is not a discount card.
CampingCard ACSI is a discount card with which you can camp at 3142 camp sites at advantageous rates in the low season. CampingCard ACSI is not an alternative identity document and you will not be automatically insured for liability.
ACSI – The most comprehensive starting point for campers, packed full of information about campsites and camping. Find one of 9900 campsites anywhere in Europe in an instant, all with the ACSI hallmark of quality, and also the many types of camping holidays that ACSI takes great care in arranging.
ACSI is Europe’s leading camp site specialist. The trusted green camp site guides full of information for campers have been around for 51 years. A way of life for camping enthusiasts and camp site owners alike!
ACSI offers general information about camping and camping accommodation package holidays in Europe. Plus of course Europe’s most visited camping website. ACSI is prepared for the future!
First came the camp site guides. These are unique in that all camp sites included are visited every year by an inspector. ACSI does not award ratings to camp sites, it just gives objective information and quality standards. Campers themselves can rate the sites because only they know which amenities they require and what they consider to be a good camp site.Camping Key Europe

Camping Key Europe
Camping Key Europe. One of the greatest benefits that comes with the Camping Key card is an extensive accident insurance. The insurance is completely free of charge and lets you enjoy your holiday without worries.
The Camping Key card comes packed with great offers and discounts, making your vacation budget last longer so you can afford more fun. Get the best ferry rates and many other great discounts.
In many European countries the Camping Key card will serve as identification at camping sites allowing for easier and quicker check-in and check-out. No need for registrations slips or passports.
With over 3 000 campsites in our register, you can easily find a campsite to stay at during your next camping trip. Browse them all on the gorgeous map, or search for campsites at your destinations. Then filter them based on your requirements.

Motorhome and RV Camping Cards

France Passion: France Passion offers a free overnight parking alternative for motorhome owners who can stopover with hundreds of winegrowers and farmers in all the regions of France. This private welcome formula allows campers to park on member’s properties overnight or for up to 24 hours, free of charge and with no commercial obligation.

España Discovery: Spanish Passion offers a free overnight parking alternative for motorhome owners who can stopover with hundreds of winegrowers and farmers in all the regions of Spain. There are now more than 160 hosts throughout Valencia, Cataluña, Aragon, Galicia, the Basque Country, Navarra and La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Andalusia and Extremadura, welcoming us to visit their restaurants and vineyards and to know more about their products.
The ESPAÑA DISCOVERY scheme provides details of parking sites and overnight stopovers exclusively for motorhome users that are members of ESPAÑA DISCOVERY in a safe environment for 24 hours (maximum), with no financial or commercial obligation by either participant
Motorhome users from Spain and all of Europe can park and stay overnight (24 hours maximum), on the hosts’ properties for FREE.

Italy: Fattore Amico is an association of people who loves nature and go with own Motor-home enjoying the beauty of the scenery, talking with other people, with intent to know the traditions and enjoy the flavours.
Following the example of France Passion, that has had the bright idea to get in contact the French agricultural farmers and the mobile-home users of all Europe since 1992, Fattore Amico has introduced the same idea in Italy since 2004, shaping it with the features of our country.
Fattore Amico is a non-profit-making association of mobile-home users, which is determined to promote (through their organisation) the use of the motor-home in accordance with the philosophy of ecology


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