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Fattore Amico – Free motorhome Overnight parking Italy

Fattore Amico is an Italian farm and vineyard stopover scheme for motorhomes and campervans similar to France Passion.Overnight parking Italy

Fattore Amico
Fattore Amico is an Italian farm and vineyard stopover scheme similar to France Passion. Fattore Amico is a not for profit organisation and has been running for 13 years. The scheme runs from February to February and is annually renewable. Fattore Amico is an association of people who loves nature and go with own Motor-home enjoying the beauty of the scenery, talking with other people, with intent to know the traditions and enjoy the flavours. Find the best deals and cheapest prices for motorhome, Rv, Camper van rental in Italy Here.

Key Information about Fattore Amico

  • 505 Italian farms and vineyards
  • Open all year
  • Written in English, Italian, French and German ( book )
  • Free 24 hour stopping
  • GPS format: N45.32909 E11.67200
  • Buy the guide to become a member
  • Overnight parking, not camping
  • Motorhomes and self-sufficient campervans only

Fattore Amico carries out in a cultural point of view, and sets himself a few important goals:

– to promote the Italian countryside’s knowledge, his cultural, historical, economic aspects, with particular reference to those areas which are located far from the traditional tourist (ways) routes;
– to promote a certain kind of using and greeting the mobile-home with a very slight environmental impact;
– to promote with the mobile-home users a certain way to use their vehicle, discreet and open to the meetings;
– to foster direct relationships between the growers and the customers;
make the mobile-home users becoming aware about the agriculture’s products and about what they are used
– to eat and so make them be able to do the difference.Motorhome Overnight parking Italy