Campervan to Besseggen

Campervan to Besseggen

Driving your campervan to Besseggen will take you past some of the most beautiful nature the Norwegian mountains have to offer. Besseggen is a popular hike, because it’s easy to get to and the views along the path are breathtaking. This hike is easy to combine with other hikes in Jotunheimen, like Galdhøpiggen, which lies nearby.

Campervan to Besseggen

Campervan to Besseggen

Campervan parking at Besseggen

It’s good to bring your campervan to Besseggen, because you should spend a night there when you do the hike. You drive to Gjendeosen/Gjendesheim Turistheim, where you need to leave the campervan while you hike. In total you have three choices for campervan parking at Besseggen. There is short-term parking near the pier that costs NOK 150,- per day, but it’s normally full, so you need to be lucky to get a spot there in the peak season. The other parking lies about 2 km away and costs NOK 130,- per day. There’s a free minibus from this parking to the pier. This parking is smart to use if you’re planning to hike for a couple of days. A third alternative is Maurvangen Camping (, which lies in walking distance from the pier. There it costs NOK 220-230,-per day, plus NOK 30,- for electricity.

Boat from Gjendeosen to Memurubu

It’s recommended to start the day early and take the boat from Gjendeosen to Memurubu, and then walk back across Besseggen. It is of course also possible to do it in reverse order, but then you need to keep an eye on the time, so that you don’t miss the last boat and need to spend the night at Memurubu Turisthytte ( Doing it in reverse order can be smart on days where lots of people are waiting for the boat in Gjendeosen to go to Memurubu, because then you’ll avoid lines. You can find the boat timetables and more information here ( The tickets are purchased onboard the boat and it’s not possible to pre-book. On days when lots of people are traveling, they hand out tickets that show which boat departure you’ll be on.

When can you hike Besseggen?

The trail over Besseggen is well marked by the Norwegian Trekking Association (Den Norske Turistforening) ( It takes about 8 hours to hike Besseggen, plus about 20 minutes to take the boat across the lake. Several parts of the trail can be demanding, because of rough terrain and a steep incline, so wear good hiking shoes. You can hike Besseggen when there is no snow on the trail, which is normally between June to September. If you want to do the hike early or late in the season, contact Gjendesheim Turisthytte ( to get the latest info on the trail conditions.

Extend the hike across Besseggen

You can extend the hike across Besseggen, by taking the boat all the way to Gjendebu and walk across Bukkalægret to Memurubu Turisthytte (, where you spend the night. From Memurubu you walk across Besseggen to Gjendeosen, where you left the campervan. This trip can of course also be done in reverse order.

Preparations to hike Besseggen

The conditions in the mountains can change rapidly, so make sure you plan properly. Always check the forecast before setting out. Bring a backpack with warm, wind- and waterproof clothing, plenty to drink and food, to keep your energy up for the whole hike.

You can buy meals, snacks and stay overnight at both Gjendesheim Turistheim ( and Memurubu Turisthytte (, but on the actual trail over Besseggen there are no places to buy food or drinks, so you need to bring everything you need with you.

Norway’s most known hikes

Besseggen is one of Norway’s most known hikes, taking you through amazing nature and beautiful views. The accessibility makes it easy get to and it is a hike that you’ll never forget.

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Estimated walking time: around 6-8 hours

Distance: 14 km

Level: Medium to demanding

Season: June – September



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