Campervan to Preikestolen and Pulpit Rock

Campervan to Preikestolen and Pulpit Rock

Campervan to Preikestolen. Pulpit rock or what in Norwegian is called Preikestolen (and sometimes Prekestolen) is one of Norway’s most famous sights. It is pronounced Pray-ke-stolen and, because you’ll see Preikestolen on all the signs in Norway, that’s what we’re going to call it in this article. You can drive your campervan to the Preikestolen trailhead and walk to the top from there. You are guaranteed an experience you will never forget, because the sights along the way and especially from the top is something you won’t find anywhere else.

Campervan to Preikestolen and Pulpit Rock

Campervan to Preikestolen and Pulpit Rock

Campervan on the Tau ferry

In order to get to Preikestolen from Stavanger, you have to take the ferry from the center of Stavanger to Tau. The ferry times may vary depending on when you are traveling, so check the ferry schedule on (, by pressing ”Stavanger-Tau”. On the same webpage you can also see the rates, by pressing “Ferry fares and zones”. All prices are according to the length of your campervan (the price includes the driver) and are given in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). Once you get to Tau the road to Preikestolen has plenty of signs, so it’s easy to find your way.

Campervan parking and camping by Preikestolen

If you’re driving your campervan to Preikestolen and want to spend the night there, then you have to park at Preikestolen Camping ( It costs NOK 200,- per night for a campervan, and an additional NOK 40,- if you need electricity. Preikestolen camping lies about 4 kilometers away from Preikestolen Fjellstue, where you’ll find the trailhead to Preikestolen. You can start the trek to Preikestolen from Preikestolen Camping, as they have extended the path there, but that adds a few kilometers to the hike. There is a regular bus service from Tau that passes by Preikestolen Camping and terminates at Preikestolen Fjellstue, so you don’t have to walk the extra kilometers unless you want to. If you’re not planning to spend the night by Preikestolen, then you can park by Preikestolen Fjellstue for NOK 150,- per day, but you are not allowed to leave the campervan overnight there. It is definitely worthwhile eating either lunch or dinner at Preikestolen Fjellstue, because it has been developed into a nice resort.

 When can you hike to Preikestolen?

It is important to keep in mind that you can’t trek to Preikestolen all year. If there is snow on the path, it is dangerous to attempt to do the hike. Most years the trail is clear of snow between April to October. If you are attempting to do the hike early or late in the season, contact Preikestolen Fjellstue ( to find out if the trail is open. In the middle of summer, Stavanger attracts a lot of cruise ships and many passengers come to see Preikestolen. It is therefore smart to either come in the evening before you’re planning to do the hike, so that you can get on your way early in the morning before the cruise ship passengers arrive, or do it after 4pm when they have returned to the ship. Summer days in Norway are long, so it’s no problem to do the hike in the late afternoon.

Preparations to hike to Preikestolen

The path up to Preikestolen is well marked by red T’s painted on trees and rocks. The path itself has seen many improvements over the years and most recently a group of Sherpa from Nepal were brought in to work on it. The result is a path that’s easy to see, but it can still be challenging to complete, because you’re passing through some very steep terrain. The hike to the top takes around 1,5 hours and you can expect to use a little less going down. Even though it’s not a very long hike, it is a demanding one and it is important to dress properly and prepare for rapidly changing conditions. Remember to always wear proper hiking shoes, and bring a small daypack with warm, wind-and waterproof clothing. Bring plenty to drink and snacks to eat, because there are no vendors or stalls along the path or at the top of Preikestolen, so you need to carry with you everything you need to eat and drink. Remember to never leave any trash behind.

Campervan in Norway

There is a 604 meter vertical drop down to Lysefjorden from Preikestolen and most people really feel it in their stomach when they crawl forward and look down. The view from Preikestolen is breathtaking and is sure to stay with you for the rest of your life. It is however not the only fantastic hike on the west coast of Norway, easily accessible if you’re traveling with a campervan. Across Lysefjorden you can do the much more strenuous hike to Kjerag (link til siden om Campervan to Kjerag). Preikestolen and Kjerag are easy to combine, if you have a couple of days and would like to experience the best of what Norwegian nature has to offer.

Campervan rentals in Norway


Estimated walking time: 2-3 hours

Distance: 4 km

Level: Medium to demanding. The path is well developed, but the terrain can be steep.

Season: April – October


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