Motorhome Rental Stockholm Sweden

Motorhome Rental Stockholm

How to rent a motorhome in Stockholm Sweden

Motorhome, Rv, Campervan, rental in Stockholm and Helsingborg Sweden

Motorhome, Rv, Camper van, rentals search in Sweden. How to rent a motorhome in Stockholm Sweden. Sweden is fragmented, that means that there are no motorhome rental companies covering all of Sweden. A consequence of this is that there are very few RV companies that offer a one way service within Sweden. The main supplier McRent offers rentals from Stockholm, Helsingborg and Vasteras Airport. Find the best prices for your motorhome holiday in Sweden.

Motorhome hire and camper van rental in beautiful Stockholm, with online availability, and a large range of motorhome and camper van rental models.Traveling through Sweden by motorhome is one of the best ways to see Sweden with new fantastic sights around almost every turn.

Motorhome Rental Stockholm. Find the Best Motorhome Rental Prices in Stockholm Sweden with our new search motor.

 Motorhome Rental Stockholm

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Motorhome Rental Stockholm. You can rent a motorhome and have it delivered to the airport in Stockholm, or if you prefer to combine a hotel holiday with a motorhome trip have the motorhome delivered to your hotel when you are ready for your road trip. The mere mention of Sweden conjures up resonant images: snow-capped peaks, reindeer wandering in deep green forests and the 24-hour daylight of the midnight sun. But beyond the household names of ABBA, IKEA and Volvo, Sweden is relatively unknown. The largest of the Scandinavian countries, with an area twice that of Britain (and roughly that of California), but a population of barely nine million, Sweden has space for everyone: the countryside boasts pine, spruce and birch forest as far as the eye can see and crystal-clear lakes perfect for a summer afternoon dip – not to mention possibly the purest air you’ll ever breathe. The country’s south and west coasts, meanwhile, feature some of the most exquisite beaches in Europe – without the crowds.

Sweden In general Sweden is a carefree place where life is relaxed. Indeed, the Swedes’ liberal and open attitude to virtually every aspect of life is certainly one of their most enviable qualities; people are generally left to do their own thing, providing it doesn’t impinge on the rights and freedoms of others. In Sweden, rights go hand in hand with duties, and there’s a strong sense of civic obligation (count how few times you see people dropping litter, for example), which in turn makes for a well-rounded and stable society. Many of the cornerstones of the Swedish welfare state, such as tremendously generous benefits and health-care perks, which Swedes still hold dear today, were laid down during forty years of unbroken rule by the Social Democrats. Motorhome Rental Stockholm

Geography Sweden, which occupies the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, is the fourth-largest country in Europe and is one-tenth larger than California. The country slopes eastward and southward from the Kjólen Mountains along the Norwegian border, where the peak elevation is Kebnekaise at 6,965 ft (2,123 m) in Lapland. In the north are mountains and many lakes. To the south and east are central lowlands and south of them are fertile areas of forest, valley, and plain. Along Sweden’s rocky coast, chopped up by bays and inlets, are many islands, the largest of which are Gotland and Öland. Motorhome Rental Stockholm

Abisko National Park Lonely Planet has named Abisko and the Northern Lights the world’s most illuminating experience as part of celbrating that 2015 is the UN Year of Light. Abisko is a 77 km² national park in Swedish Lapland famous for its natural beauty, Nordic wildlife and is a hot (cold) spot for winter adventures as well as summer hiking in the midnight sun.


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