Toll roads in Australia

Toll roads in Australia

Motorhome travel in Australia

Toll roads are found in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Toll roads in Australia. Gone are the days when you could simply drive on a toll road and pay an operator in a cash booth. Since July 2013, all toll roads in Australia are operated on a cashless tolling system. One of the main reasons for this was to reduce congestion caused by vehicles waiting to pay a toll and to improve traffic flow. Most regular users of toll roads have an electronic tag fitted to their vehicle which automatically detects what roads have been travelled on, which is then linked to an account where they are charged directly.

Toll roads in Australia

Toll roads in Australia


To date, toll roads are only found in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

When renting a motorhome or car, ask your vehicle provider about tolls and payment in the areas you will be traveling in. For hire motorhome and cars the rules are slightly different, although most hire companies supply vehicles that are fitted with an electronic tag for the payment of tolls. It is best to consult with the hire motorhome and car company regarding their policy on toll road driving before hiring a vehicle.

Toll roads Queensland

Toll road operators in Queensland use electronic free-flow tolling. Tolls are automatically calculated as a vehicle passes under a tolling point.

You can set up an account or pay your toll online, by phone or visiting a participating retailer. You can usually pay your toll up to 30 days before or up to 3 days after travelling on a toll road.

Options for occasional use of toll roads

If you only use toll roads a few times a year and just want to pay for your trip without opening an account, you may find the pass products available from the toll payment providers are the most convenient method of payment.

Contact the toll payment provider for more information on passes. The Queensland Toll Road website provides the cost and information about each toll road.


What does it cost to travel on toll roads?

Toll road operators set the tolls that will apply (up to the approved maximum). The Queensland Government approves the maximum tolls for travelling on toll roads.

To pay your toll or find out the cost to travel on a toll road you will need to contact the toll payment provider.

Toll costs depend on the vehicle you are driving and toll road you access. There are no toll booths or toll gates in Queensland, so you need to make arrangements to pay the toll prior to travel or up to 72 hours after travel on the toll roads.

Where are toll roads located?

Toll roads are located in the greater Brisbane area and are a convenient and efficient way to travel.

Toll roads in Queensland Toll payment provider Toll road operator
AirportlinkM7 go via Transurban Queensland
Clem Jones Tunnel (CLEM7) go via Transurban Queensland
Gateway Motorway go via Transurban Queensland
Go Between Bridge go via Transurban Queensland
Legacy Way go via Transurban Queensland
Logan Motorway go via Transurban Queensland