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Motorhome Rental Rome, Italy

How to rent a motorhome in Rome Italy

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Motorhome Rental Rome. Motorhome, Rv, Camper van, rentals search in Rome or Turin Italy. How to rent a motorhome in Italy. You can pick up your rental motorhome at Rome airport Fiumicino or Leonardo da Vinci airport or Turin Airport (Italian: Aeroporto di Torino)

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Motorhome Rental Rome, Motorhome rental booking specialists searcher in Rome and Italy:

Motorhome Rental Rome, Italy

Motorhome Rental Rome, Italy

City of Rome
Rome is the capital of the Italian Republic. It is the most populous and largest municipality in Italy and is among Europe’s major capitals in terms of the amount of terrain it covers.Rome is the city with the highest concentration of historical and architectural riches in the world. Its historical centre, outlined by the enclosing Aurelian Walls, layering nearly three thousand years of antiquity, is an invaluable testimony to the European western world’s cultural, artistic and historical legacy and in 1980 it was, together with the Holy See’s property beyond the confines of the Vatican State as well as the Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls, were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List .

Weather in Rome
The temperature is usually mild the whole year round with heat rising during the months of July and August.
Even during the winter the temperature is pleasant and well worth a motorhome holiday with cheaper prices at that time. There are only few really cold days and they are mainly concentrated between December and January.
Rainfalls, seldom heavy, are concentrated in the months of November and February. The best time to visit the city for a motorhome holiday is in spring and autumn when the temperature is mild and the days are longer. Weather in Rome

Turin Italy
Turin or in Italian, Torino is a large city of about one million inhabitants, is set in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, a one-hour drive from the French border. The Turin province consists of a mountainous area to the west and north along the border with France and with the Valle d’Aosta, and part flat or hilly in the south and east. The mountainous part is home to part of the Hautes Alpes, the Alps Graie and, in a much lesser extent, in the Pennine Alps. The highest point in the province of Turin is made from the tower of the Roc (4,026 m), located in the Gran Paradiso massif on the border with Valle d’Aosta. Several wildlife reserves are located in the province. This is a wonderful area to travel threw in your rental motorhome with stunning views around every turn. Motorhome Rental Rome
You can pick up your rental motorhome / RV at Turin Airport (Italian: Aeroporto di Torino) and start your Italian adventure from there.

Motorhome Rental Rome

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