Motorhome Rental Tromso Norway

Motorhome Rental Tromsø Norway

Motorhome Hire Tromso

Motorhome Rental Tromso, rent a camping-car, campervan or a motorhome in Tromsø. Motorhome rental in Tromso, secure and easy with See the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. Visit the Arctic Circle,

Tromsø lies in Northern Norway. The 2,521-square-kilometre (973 sq mi) municipality is the 18th largest by area in Norway. Tromsø is the 9th most populous area in Norway with a population of 74,541. See the The Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis. Pick up your rental motorhome in Tromso and head north to enjoy sights you will never forget. Motorhome Rental Tromso

Motorhome Rental Tromso Norway

Motorhome Rental Tromso Norway


Motorhome Rental Tromso. Reliable motorhome hire or camper van hire for your holidays in Tromso and Norway. Find the best prices for your motorhome holiday in Norway. Trusted by over 250,000 customers.

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The Arctic Circle
The Arctic Circle is a circle of latitude or parallel on the Earth’s surface. The polar night and the midnight sun phenomena can be observed to the north of the Arctic Circle.
During the midnight sun there is no sunset and the Sun is over the horizon continuously for 24 hours or more. During the polar night there is no sunrise and the Sun is below the horizon continuously for 24 hours or more.
For the points on the Earth’s surface located at the Arctic Circle the polar night and the midnight sun coincide with the winter solstice and the summer solstice correspondingly and their duration equals 24 hours.
For the points on the Earth’s surface located to the north of the Arctic Circle the duration of the polar night and the midnight sun grows with latitude.

Norway is an ideal destination for a motorhome holidays, rent your motorhome in Stavanger, Trondheim, Grimstad, Oslo or Gardemoen ( Oslo airport )

Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis 

The Aurora belt hits Northern Norway in the Lofoten Islands and follows the coast all the way to Nordkapp (North Cape), Europe’s northernmost point. There is no other place on earth that offers a better chance of spotting the lights, than in Northern Norway.

Norway is the best place in the world to spot the natural phenomenon for several reasons. Large areas of the aurora zone are inaccessible for travellers – and winter temperatures in the majority of inland areas within the zone are very low. However, thanks to the Gulf Stream, the coastal areas of Norway have a milder climate than other locations at the same latitudes. These areas are also much easier to access by several flight connections from all over the world.

Northern Lights / aurora borealis

Northern Lights / aurora borealis

Where are the Northern Lights visible?
In the Northern parts of Norway – the coastal areas from Troms and Finnmark – the Northern lights appear with a maximum of frequency. The lights are best seen in rural areas where the sky is dark and not blurred by the city lights.
The Arctic city of Tromso is an ideal starting point.

When are the Northern Lights visible?
The Northern Lights / aurora borealis activity takes place all year in all types of weather. However, to actually see the lights, the weather has to be dark and clear. The best chances of seeing the Northern Lights are between November and April, when there is limited amount of daylight. The display usually begins in the late afternoon or in the evening and continues with varying intensity into the night.

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