Motorhome Rental Europe Instruction Video

Motorhome Rental Europe Instruction Video

Motorhome driving Europe Instruction Video

We have put togeather some videos that we think will help you with your motorhome rental in Europe. Although some motorhomes can be quite large and you may find the thought of driving one a little daunting. In reality, it is not as difficult as you might think. Motorhomes are essentially large vans and should be driven as such. The main thing is to remember you can take it easy and slowly to start with.

The two most important things to remember are know the height, width and length of your motorhome. We recommend having at least the height and width written down inside the cab somewhere in case you come up against any unexpected road width or bridge height restrictions. And number 2. Before you start driving, make sure your wing mirrors are correctly adjusted and use them frequently.

McRent: Driving a motorhome

McRent: Safety tips

Driving a motorhome in Europe isn’t all that different from driving anywhere else, but it takes a day or two to adjust. Drive carfully, defensively, observe, avoid driving in cities when you can, follow the signs and wear your seat belt. Before you travel be sure that you have everything you need for driving in Europe and abroad.

Road Tolls: In many countries, expect to pay to use highways and motorways tolls. Keep the loose change – many European countries operate toll roads, so make sure you have plenty of loose change in the correct currency to cover the cost of tolls. It is also worthwhile keeping some spare money to cover any unexpected costs that crop up along the way. It’s free to drive on motorways in some countries, such as nearly all highways in Great Britain and Germany’s famous autobahn.

The European driving licence is a driving licence replacing the many driving licence styles already in use in the member states of the European Economic Area (EEA) (all 28 EU member states as well as 3 EFTA member states; Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). It has the credit card-style with a photograph and possibly a microchip. They were introduced to replace the 110 different plastic and paper driving licences of the 300 million drivers in the EEA. The main objective of the licence is to decrease the risk of fraud.

When driving in Europe, there are numerous rules and regulations, bye laws and procedures that differ from country to country. The “Going Abroad” app, launched by the European Commission, covers information about topics that carry the biggest risk for crashes, like speed and alcohol limits, traffic lights, and talking on cell phones. It also informs about laws regarding seat belt usage in cars and when it is necessary to wear helmets on bikes and motorcycles.