Motorhome Rental The Rhine Germany

Motorhome Rental The Rhine

Travel the Rhine in a motorhome

Renting a Motorhome, Rv or Campervan to visit The Rhine

Motorhome, Rv, Campervan, rental at Airports along the Rhine. Easy Motorhome rentals search . Find the best prices for motorhome rentals in Germany. It`s easy.

Motorhome Rental The Rhine

Motorhome Rental The Rhine

Easy Motorhome rental search . Find the best prices for motorhome hire along the Rhine river in Germany. Our easy to use search engine compares rental motorhome prices from national and international suppliers and finds the best deals for you. Trusted by 250,000+ customers worldwide. Germany is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to rent a motorhome. Traveling along the Rhine river is one of the great Germain adventures and a trip you will never forget. Due to it`s popularity and prices the rental motorhomes in Germany are often fully booked in the summer months. So please book early.

Motorhome Rental The Rhine. Rv hire all along the Rhine river in Germany. Search and find the best deals and cheapest prices:

Situated in the heart of Europe, Germany has plenty of fantastic tourist attractions and unique sights to offer all motorhome tourists. Visitors from all over the world travel to Germany to see architectural treasures and fascinating places of natural beauty.

The Rhine: Flowing through six countries, the Rhine River has served as a link between southern and northern Europe since Roman times. Originating from mountain brooks in the Swiss Alps, the Rhine travels north into Switzerland’s Lake Constance, over the surging Rhine Falls, and on to Basel, where it becomes a major waterway used to transport goods and raw materials. The Rhine then serves as a border between Germany and France, narrows through deep gorges and meanders through steep-sided valleys known for vineyards and castles. At the Netherlands border the Rhine splits up into tributaries that cross an extensive delta and empty into the North Sea.

Facts about the Rhine

• The Rhine flows from the Alps to the North Sea. It is the European river most used by people, for lots of different things.
• The Rhine is 1,233 kilometres long.
• The source (the start of the Rhine) is in Lake Toma in Switzerland, 2,340 metres above sea level.
• The first inhabited place along the Rhine is the village of Tschamut in Switzerland.
• The catchment area of the Rhine covers about 200,000 km². It is located in Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.
• About 58 million people live in the catchment area, which works out at 290 per square kilometre. Not much space!
• Important rivers in the catchment area include the Aare, the Ill, the Neckar, the Main, the Moselle, the Saar, the Nahe, the Lahn, the Sieg, the Ruhr, the Lippe and the Vechte.
• The largest lakes are Lake Constance and Lake IJssel.
• More than 60 species of fish are found in the Rhine, as well as about 300 different small water-dwelling animals, more than 40 types of water plants and more than 40 species of water birds.

Rhine Main

Rhine Main

Frankfurt at the heart of Europe, with an area of 11,000 km² and 4.8 million inhabitants, the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main region is a dynamic and varied scenic area and a perfect place to start your motorhome vacation from. In addition to visiting the metropolises of Frankfurt and the state capitals of Wiesbaden and Mainz, it is worth getting to know or rediscovering the surrounding towns and communities which is made easy with a rental motorhome. As recreation areas close to the cities, the Taunus and the Rheingau, for example, offer attractive possibilities for nature experiences and sporting activities.

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The romantic Middle Rhine is a river valley straight out of a picture book, with precipitous cliffs, steep vineyards, a castle perched on virtually every hilltop and pretty villages lining the river banks on either side. Myths and legends abound here, such as the story of Loreley, the beautiful siren of the rocks. The scenery is the stuff of dreams and villages and towns like Bacharach, Boppard, St. Goar and Linz epitomise the charm of this remarkable area with its rich cultural heritage. UNESCO has recognised the importance of the region by designating the Upper Middle Rhine Valley a World Heritage area. A Motorhome drive along the Rhine – Koblenz and Mainz

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