Motorhome Rental Keflavík Iceland

Motorhome Rental Keflavík

Motorhome and Campervan Hire in Keflavík, Iceland

Motorhome Hire in Iceland – Keflavík airport

Motorhome Rental Keflavík I – Explore Iceland by camper or motorhome. Island is an amazing country to visit and Keflavík has fantastic scenery. Keflavík is a great place to start your motorhome holiday in Iceland. We have Keflavík`s lowest rental prices, guaranteed. Pick up your rental motorhome at Keflavík airport and you are ready to explore Keflavík and Iceland.Motorhome and Campervan Hire in Reykjavik, Iceland

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Motorhome Rental Keflavík, Iceland. Check out our selection of motorhomes, RV, 4×4, campers and campervans. Rental motorhomes are a nice way to experience Iceland without worrying too much about accommodation.

Keflavík International Airport was chosen the very best airport in Europe in 2014 in an extensive passenger service quality survey at all the world’s leading airports. Keflavik airport is the perfect place to pick up your rental motorhome and start your Iceland adventure.
Keflavik is most well known for being the base of Iceland’s main international airport. It is a town in the south west of the country not far away from the capital Reykjavik.imagesMKMYNU33
In fact you can make the journey in about half an hour if you are driving. From the city of Keflavík it is a five minute journey to the airport which is well signposted along the way. If you are travelling in winter take the appropriate precautions for icy roads.

The most popular tourist activity in Keflavík are the whale watching tours which leave daily from the harbour. Not only can you see whales on these tours but also birds and dolphins making them a perfect way to spend a family day out. Some of the types of whale on view are humpbacks, orcas and minkes.
Keflavík are the whale watching tours

Climate Keflavík
Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys a cool temperate ocean climate: cool in summer and fairly mild in winter. However, the weather is very changeable and tourists should be prepared for the unexpected. Temperate. Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream and south-westerly winds, which give it an average winter temperature of 31°F (.5°C) and a summer temperature of 52°F (11°C). Weather Keflavik

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