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Campercontact is the best website for and by motorhome users. There are already over 20.000 motorhome stops in the database. Users can write reviews, send in modifications and leave photos. In this way, the site will remain up-to-date.

The database of Campercontact contains three categories of motorhome stops:

  • Motorhome parkings: places especially for motorhomes. Overnight stay is allowed. There are several subcategories.
  • Service area’s: places where motorhomes can discharge their waste water and chemical toilet and have the possibility to tank fresh water. Overnight stay is not allowed here.
  • Motorhome friendly campsites: places on campsites which comply with three conditions: motorhomes must have the possibility to discharge waste water and chemical toilet, and the possibility to tank fresh water.

The motorhome parkings are divided in the following subcategories:

  • Especially for motorhomes: places especially and only for motorhomes, this could also be a spot in front of the gate of a campsite.
  • Mixed parking: reserved spots at a general parking lot, where you often park between cars.
  • Near restaurant: places on the parking lot of a restaurant, hotel or café.
  • Private parking: places at a private person or company, mostly for free.
  • Near marina: places near a marina.

You can easily make a selection by using the advanced search.

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