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Motorhome Holidays Iceland – There is no better way to see Iceland than in a motorhome. Iceland never ceases to amaze, with hot springs, volcanic craters, lava flows and geysers, glaciers and stunning waterfalls, even whale watching. It offers a new view around every corner.waterfall Iceland

It’s these natural wonders that provide the perfect backdrop to a range of unforgettable experiences, from hiking and snowmobiling to bathing in hot pools and gazing at the Northern Lights. And because crime is virtually non-existent, Iceland makes motorhome holidays safe and one of the most suitable places to visit in the World for a family-friendly rental motorhome holiday.The Strokkur geyser in Iceland is erupting in the winterThe world-famous Blue Lagoon is conveniently located to the airport where you can pick up your motorhome on arrival. Iceland’s most popular trio of natural wonders, known as the Golden Circle, encompasses the double-tiered waterfall of Gullfoss, the geothermal hotspot Geysir with its erupting plumes of water and tectonic beauty spot Thingvellir National Park.9209-ice_whale_watching_glacier_hiking_e2s_header

Iceland offers exceptional opportunities for whale watching (April-October) and horse riding (year round).

Reykjavik the capital of Iceland is renowned for its 24 hour lifestyle, with pubs and clubs routinely open to the early hours. It is a compact city with all the main bars, hotels and shops concentrated in an easily accessible centre that means walking is a pleasant pastime. Visit Rekjavik

Temperature in Iceland

Warmed by the Gulf Stream, Iceland has a surprisingly temperate climate for its latitude. Winter temperatures average at a mild 0 to -10 degrees Celsius (32 to 14 F). In summer, temperatures range between 10 and 25°C (50-77 F). However, due to the notoriously weather and strong winds, you may want to bring a windbreaker just in case, or buy a traditional hand-knitted wool sweater. Weather Iceland

Driving regulations

Motorhome Holidays Iceland – In Iceland you drive on the right side of the road and overtake on the left. The general speed limit is 30-50 km/hour in populated areas, 80 km/hour on gravel roads in rural areas and 90 km/hour on paved roads. Drivers and all passengers in motorhomes are required by law to wear seatbelts. Older children must wear seatbelts and younger children and infants must be seated in car-safety seats in motorhomes and cars.

Motorhome headlights must be switched on at all times, day or night, when driving in Iceland. The use of mobile phones whilst driving is prohibited. Driving in Icelandmotorhome rental Iceland

Driving around Iceland

Driving around Iceland in your rental motorhome is a wonderful way to experience all those superstars of nature at your own pace. Most people visiting choose to drive the ring road (Rte.1) since it runs by the island’s beautiful coast connecting a progression of natural wonders and attractions.

The Ring Road extends around the coast of Iceland with a total length of 1,340 kilometres (833 miles). The road is mostly paved and very well maintained, however there are stretches of unpaved gravel surfaces in the eastern part of the country. The majority of the Ring Road is comprised of a single motorway with two traffic lanes, one in each direction. In some paces it may expand with more lanes when it passes through larger towns and cities. Iceland campsites

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