Cheapest motorhome rental countries in Europe

Saving money on a rental motorhome in Europe

Finding the best motorhome deals and offers in Europe

How to save money on a rental motorhome in Europe

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Cheapest motorhome rental countries in Europe

Motorhome rental in Europe involves three key decisions – Which country to rent in. Who to rent from and what type of vehicle. The advantage with our search tool with motorhome Republic is that we give you all the information you need to find the right motorhome, at the right prices for your motorhome holiday. Here are some important tips on renting in Europe.

Which country to rent in
Germany is in the middle of Europe and has some of the cheapest hire rates in Europe. So hire in Germany and travel throughout Europe. You can usually drop the campervan off in another country. A one-way fee does apply. Save money by booking a motorhome for a longer time or book early for extra discounts. Early bookings are cheaper.

2 birth motorhomes in Europe are the budget range for travellers looking for a cheap camping solution, the rental prices vary season to season, country to country and dependant on unlimited mileage being included. Motorhome rentals in Scandinavian countries are expensive and it might be worth your while renting in Germany and driving there instead.
There is a lot of money to be saved if you can plan your motorhome holiday for just after the peak summer holiday season in Europe and you can get same really good deals in most countries. Most European rental agents will have branches in every country including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. so you can choose where to start on the continent and either return to the point of origin, or drop your motorhome rental or campervan hire in another location in the same country or another country.

When renting remember: New model motorhomes are of course more expensive than the older 3 year old models. In some countries only the latest models are available for hiring. Select the country of your choice and you will be shown the fleet of motorhomes, camper trailers and campervans specific for each country of hire, you can browse the accommodation details, age and type, before requesting a quotation to rent.
This link will give you all the latest RV, Campervan and motorhome deals and offers worldwide.

Compare Motorhome Rental Quotes:
Make sure you know what is included (or excluded) in the price quotes and any restrictions. Some of the things to ask are the following: You will find all this information in the motorhome search results.

• Is VAT included?
• Are there additional prep or cleaning fees?
• Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?
• What supplies are included – kitchen, linens, camping table, etc?
• Are these things available for an additional charge?
• Is there unlimited mileage?
• Can you take the vehicle to all the countries you intend to visit?
• What are the operating hours of the facility for pickup and drop-off?
• How will you get to the rental facility from the airport?
• Can you drop off at a different location or are there additional fees?
• What insurance is included and what does it include/exclude? Note that the collision coverage under your credit card typically does not apply to motorhome rentals.

Compare Rates for Motorhome Rentals in Europe

How it works: Our search crawler will search threw all the national and international motorhome rentals in the country and city you choose, comparing all the latest deals, offers and prices. The results will give you a list of everything available. You can then decide the price, age, etc. of the motorhome that fits your budget.

Remember: to save even more you can try different dates and cities.

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All countries have strict alcohol limits, so make sure you get the name of a local taxi company if you intend to consume alcohol and are out of walking distance to your motorhome hire. You should also note that the legal drinking age is not the same across the continent.

To hire a recreational vehicle of any kind in Europe, you must hold a current drivers license. You may also need to carry an International Drivers Permit, which is written in multiple languages.