Free Camping / Wild Camping in Australia

Wild Camping in Australia

Motorhome Holidays Australia: Free Camping / Wild Camping

Wild camping, or free camping is where you park your motorhome in an acceptable place, such as a beach car park, and camp for free. Free camping generally describes camping that is without cost, or camping that incurs minimal cost. While you still have to pay the cost of your motorhome rental, you do not have to pay to stay the night in these “free stay” locations. The definition is broad and may refer to bush camping, staying at road side stops, and extended camping at remote locations such as beaches and state forests and national parks. wild camping australia

Wild camping Australia: Rules
Wild Camping / Free camping in Australia can be made in areas designed or approved of, or areas without restrictions by the Council or State Governments. In most Australian cities, you can not camp on the beach or public parks, but in remote areas it’s alright as long as nobody owns the land or it is in a protected area. To camp in national parks or nature reserves you need a permit (paid) from a ranger or local councils.
A motorhome holiday in Australia is a fantastic opportunity to see some of Australia’s most breath-taking scenery and to visit some of its most unique towns and cities. Find free places to stay across this vast stretch of land will make your motorhome rental holiday even more enjoyable and will allow you to spend the money you save on things that will make your holiday all that more memorable, and there are thousand of free parking opportunities.

Wild camping etiquette
1.Never leave any rubbish or waste behind.
2.Never make excessive noise. If you are playing music ensure only you can hear it.
3.Park sensible, so that people can use the parking bays around your vehicle.
4.If you have to run your engine to charge your leisure batteries, do so during the day, and not at night or early morning.
5.Don’t ever use a generator, as they are noisy and everyone will hear it. If you need mains electricity then you probably need a camping australia

Security when wild camping
Your motorhome, camper, campervan is always at risk from thieves and damage no matter where you are. Free camping spots are known by locals and most leisure vehicles are very obvious. Always park sensible, never leave anything on display, and always lock your motorhome. If others are parking in the area park next to them, not just close to them. Motorhome Rental Australia. A vehicle is safer when in a pack of vehicles, rather than a lone vehicle on the edge of the pack. When you park up chat with the people camping around you. Don’t be put off by people with dreadlocks or by surfers, which you will find in seaside areas. These people are normally very nice, friendly and also looking for a secure place to park.

You should always get permission before free camping. This is not always easy as it can be hard to determine who to ask.

Suitable wild camping areas

Beaches are a great, and for many, the best place to free camp. You can normally park up in a sandy or dirt car park, facing the sea. Beach areas are normally quite and have beautiful views and sounds. Some have toilets, and some have cold water showers. It is often possible to get water from the showers to use for washing, etc.

National Parks
National parks are great areas to spend the night with your motorhome. Although some do charge a fee there are still many that are free. When planning your motorhome holiday in Australia find out which areas are free. National Parks in Australia

Truck stops
Many cross-country main roads have truck stops where truckers stop overnight. Almost all are free, some not being much more that dirt areas to the side of fuel stations. These areas can be good places to stop for the night. Safety is generally good, as you will almost always find at least 1 truck parked up.

Road laybys
It is often possible to find nice road laybys in which to park. Often around lakes or mountain areas. Parking next to a busy road isn’t a good idea. Crime can be high in roadside areas.

Supermarket car parks
Some supermarkets allow vehicle to park overnight. ALWAYS ask permission before stopping for the night.

City parks
Many city parks have large roads or avenues around them. It is often possible to find somewhere to park for the night.

Camping permits
You must obtain a camping permit and pay your camping fees before camping in a park or forest.
Most camp sites can be booked online, at an over-the-counter booking office or by phone before you arrive at a park.
At few camping areas allow you to obtain your camping permit on site by self-registering and paying your fees by cash, credit card, cheque or camping credit.
Find out more about camping bookings.

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