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In order to make your motorhome rental experiance in Europe as enjoyable and problem-free as possible, we have put together some information about motorhome rental in Europe. Here are some considerations and resources for planning your motorhome vacation in Europe.Renting a Motorhome in Europe. Tips and Information

Campervans / RV`s in Europe are known as both motorhomes and campervans and are a very cost effective and enjoyable way of travelling around Europe.
Most motorhome models in Europe do not have automatic gears and there are very few automatic models available. Nearly all models are turbo diesel making them very fuel efficient. Most motorhomes in Europe are either 2, 4 or 6 berth vehicles, with some ( but not many ) 7 berth vehicles. Most rental motorhomes weigh less than 3500 kg and can be driven with a normal drives license. In general motorhomes do not have air conditioning in the rear of the vehicle only in the driver’s cab.

Motorhome one way travel between countries
Most European motorhome companies allow you to travel across the EU and into some East European countries with no restrictions. There are some cross border hire companies that allow one way motorhome rentals ( pick up in one location or country and drop back off in a different location in another country ) in Europe but not many.
Should you require a one way rental within Europe you need to book this about 5 months in advance if it is in the summer high season. Also, there maybe a 14 day minimum rental requirement.

Motorhome rental high season
The motorhome rental high season in Europe is June, July and August so if you are travelling in this period you should make your motorhome / RV booking several months in advance or you will be disappointed. Rates of hire vary according to season, and rates are of course higher in the months of June, July and August.
Remember there are always many festival events each year in Europe where rentaing a motorhome for these holidays isvery popualer. Sporting events such as Tour de France in July also car racing events when motorhomes are booked out months in advance. So always book as early as possible.

Motorhome Driving License information
To hire a recreational vehicle of any kind in Europe, you must hold a current drivers license. Driver’s licenses are accepted from all countries by motorhome rental companies in Europe. A class B national driving licence ( normal car driving licence ) is all that is required to drive a campervan under 3500kgs, which covers all except the largest motorhomes. For motorhomes over 3500kg, you will need a class C national driving licence.
However, you are required to have an international driving license for your motorhome rental, if your license does not include the most important information in English or the other local language. If your drivers license is not written in the roman alphabet, you will need to have an International Drivers License – contact your local drivers licensing authority for details. The international licens needs to be presented along with the national license.motorhome information in europe

New to motorhome rental and campervan travel?
Don’t worry, every motorhome traveler has to start somewhere! All motorhome rental companies offer test drives and tips to help inexperienced drivers feel comfortable behind the wheel. The will also teach you about the equipment and use before you get started. You can also find a lot of helpful information on, we have pages and information that will explaine nearly everything.

Camping in Europe
No matter where you go in Europe, there are plenty of holiday parks, caravan parks and camping sites where you can park your motorhome campervan or other recreational vehicle. Some countries also allow wild or free camping.

It is very important to ensure that you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers the countries that you wish to visit. Make sure that your insurance also covers repatriation in case of illness or injury.

Traffic Rules
The rules of the road vary from country to country – including what side of the road people drive on – so make sure you check the local conditions before entering a country. In Germany, there are no speed limits on highways and they take obstructing the traffic very seriously!

All countries have strict alcohol limits, so make sure you get the name of a local taxi company if you intend to consume alcohol and are out of walking distance to your motorhome hire. You should also note that the legal drinking age is not the same across the continent.

Finding the right rental motorhome
You can do this by matching your needs to the motorhome with the best or closest match. Firstly, consider how many passengers you’d have or berths that you would need. In this case, the beds that you would be needing with the people travelling. This is the first thing to consider and must be right the first time. This will decide and help you narrow your motorhomechoices. Berths range from 2 berths, 3 berths, 4, 5 and even 6 and 7 berths. Note that double beds count as 2 berths in some motorhomes, so take care in choosing.
How long you will be away is a deciding factor with creature comforts. Consider the living space you’d want to have for a week’s trip, and so forth.The limited space is often a big factor for children. Fresh water and wastewater tanks mean frequent refilling and emptying of cassettes and tanks.

Finally, the budget! Obviously motorhomes aren’t as cheap to rent as cars but a lot of things decide the rental price. The age of the vehicle, the amenities, and the design of the motorhome. Which is good news, because this means that you can rent a older vehicle for less than a new one. Also size from 2 to 7 berth will decide the end price as well as which country you rent in and how long you rent for.

Searching for the perfect motorhome
Enter the country and city you want to start your motorhome vacation in and our search widget will give you an easy to use list of everything that is avaliable there. In all price classes and all sizes. You can always change cities and compare prices. Our easy to use list will include pictures and all the information you need about the rental motorhomes. It`s Easy

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